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  1. Hi Geoff, thanks for your recollection! Some people (like Shotgun) just don't get it at times - I understand when the sector/Tower/approach get busy but, those are the times that it is most important to be precise and, because it is busy, the ATC doesn't have time to say things twice. That is when it is incumbent upon ATC to purposely slow down their delivery so the right message is delivered to the correct pilot! If they don't do that the result is lots of "say agains" or "I missed that" or "was that for me?" all of which takes up valuable time. For some years I worked the sector that
  2. Thank you for your service, crap conditions to be working in!
  3. I reckon you're right there Garfly, when 9HU reported "holding short at Hotel" all the ATC had to do was acknowledge with the C/S or if busy - say nothing at all, the aircraft had stopped where he was told to and couldn't go any further without an onwards clearance. If I were to say anything else I would have reiterated "Hold Position" but as soon as the ATC said "Continue.........." the opportunity arose for an error and the pilot ASSUMED he had a clearance to continue taxiing (across the rwy) When I had ATC trainees I always hammered into them the importance of unambiguous phraseology!
  4. Hope you are recovering well in hospital, a frying pan to the noggin can be quite painful!
  5. I took up horse riding to lose some weight; after 2 weeks the horse has lost 20 Kg!
  6. Great little unit the KTI, takes up bugger all space and has a few good little extra features.
  7. I did a (GA) BFR a few years ago and as I was setting myself up in the cockpit I got my ipad out and placed it in the holder on the right hand yoke (P28-140) the instructor admired all of this and said "O.K for the purpose of the exercise your ipad has failed - what are you going to do know?" Well I said - reaching into my nav-bag I guess I will use my spare ipad! He said okay then - fair enough - at least you have an option! Now I only fly RA but I must admit I don't carry a chart with me as I mainly just fly locally (withing 20-30 nm) but if I do intend to do a travel flight I have an ol
  8. The GPS receiver I use is called a 'Bad Elf' - it is about the size of an egg and it also has a Bluetooth connection to your ipad. It will service up to 5 devices so you can have it on your aux' EFB or phone. Cheers!
  9. Being an ex-ATC I know quite well the difference between "request xxxx" or "require xxx" One - I would do my best to accommodate, the other it was my mission to make happen! I would always tell pilots at information sessions that we used to hold that they had to let us know what was happening in the cockpit otherwise we couldn't give them the best service they needed. I remember one night when I was in a C177 coming into Cooly' (VFR) the tower controller wanted me to hold east of the coast and orbit due to an IFR jet arrival. Even though it was VMC there was no moon and it was as b
  10. Still piss funny after all of these years!
  11. Back in the "Olden Days" when ATC still had an "Ops" section and the pilots used to come in and submit their FPL in person, the SOC (Senior Operations Controller) used to have to give Flight Plan Approval (FPA) for IFR flights. The fuel required was one of the most intensively scrutinised part of the plan. Apart from the 45 minutes statutory reserve, there was the fuel required for the actual flight Plus 15% IFR reserve plus any weather related holding - Tempo - 60 minutes, Inter 30 Minutes, plus any traffic holding as specified in ERSA or NOTAM plus fuel required for flight to an alterna
  12. G'day Butch, I'm going (driving) to Echuca in an hour or so; if the wx is O.k I'll be taking the Coyote out for a few laps. If you would like to go for a jolly I should be around anytime after 14 O'clock! Ph 0438 118 126 Cheers.
  13. G’day Butch, I have recently purchased a RANS S6 Coyote II from a builder at Holbrook. I have done a fair bit of homework on this model plane and it ticks a lot of the boxes that I wanted. The aircraft I bought is still in its infancy and has just clocked over 40 hours. Having owned a Cherokee 140 in the past I certainly appreciate the difference in running costs and the fun factor is huge! I am located in Echuca and if you are nearby and are still interested I would be happy to show you the plane and take you for a ride. Just pm with your details. Regards, Shane.
  14. I have a couple of mates that have these radios set up in nice little boxes that operate on an internal battery and / or mains power. The guys (Frank & Nigel - Airshow Operators Par Excellance') have had no end of trouble since day one. I think I can count the number of times that these things worked properly on an extremely sloppy 1 handed butcher named Stumpy! The feedback issues are horrendous; we have had radio gurus who attend air shows for work and play just give up, shrug their shoulders and then have to be restrained from jumping off the display control position scaffolding
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