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  1. Not wanting to hijack your thread Alan, but on a related issue, how many non-private aerodromes allow dogs airside anyway? I know several council run airstrips in my area and they do not permit dogs on the grounds. If this is widespread then does that negate some of the benefits of relaxed regulation in relation to carriage of fur people? Now on another tangent (just so I can vent!) - I felt compelled to have 'words' with some visitors to my local aerodrome last Saturday. I had just flown back in and I knew another aircraft was not far behind me when I pulled up and noticed a large
  2. Hi All. I did a nice little flight from Corowa NSW to Mount Beauty Vic via Wangaratta about a week ago in the Sonex Xenos, so I took the opportunity to try out the 360 camera to capture the flight and I put the result on YouTube. We had a bit of an impromptu morning tea with some of the Mt Beauty crew and had a diverse range of aircraft turn up from around the region (eg. Tumut, Wang, Benalla, Corowa and some private airfields). The video runs for about 15mins - and no the Xenos isn't that fast (I wish!) - I have sped up the video in sections. Good for a watch while chilling out with your favo
  3. Hi RF - I have a Garmin Aera 660 in my ProMecc Sparviero and it has an option to set a reminder to switch tanks. I have mine set for every 30mins but from memory you can customise the length of time. A grey dialogue box with "Switch Tanks" pops up which catches the attention but is not obtrusive. One touch and it disappears and the timer automatically restarts. I'm not sure if it has an audible warning as well, but of it does I don't use it and I don't see any need for it as the dialogue box is effective.
  4. Great topic! I hope one day to tackle the Morning Glory over the Gulf in my Sonex Xenos. The idea of riding those air currents for 100s of kms really inspires me. Not an unachievable dream by any means, however it is a case of getting all the planets to align. Eg. favourable weather conditions, work & family factors, Covid restrictions, etc. It would be an epic adventure in the Xenos just making the trip from down south to Burketown - one that would need to be carefully planned for with plenty of allowance for contingencies!
  5. I doubt anyone here will throw the book at you over a simple spelling mistake. (Although I may get a roll of the eyes from my straight faced German relatives over that dad joke).
  6. I went there a few times when the museum was open and in my opinion it was a top notch display. It also used to be a stop over for Deluxe Coaches. On my one and only bus trip from Melbourne to Sydney we stopped there and the quick tour of the museum was a welcome distraction to the monotony of the trip. I have photos somewhere (the old fashioned printed type!) but no video. A quick plug for Precision Airmotive who now occupy the museum hangar - Doug and the team are a highly professional bunch who keenly support aviation of all types. I recently undertook a instrument upgrade on my Xenos an
  7. Hmmm. Here in the sunburnt country we have traditionally been a parochial bunch when it comes to brand allegiance. Eg. Ford Vs Holden, Vic Vs NSW, NT Vs Canberra and the eastern states, Jabiru Vs everyone else. Sometimes this is based on fact, but often it is not. It will be interesting to see if any brave soul is game to enter the fray and provide unbiased insights.
  8. Not from the Log Book, but I found the attached photo while cleaning up the study to allow my wife to work from home. My first ever flight in an aircraft of any type was at the Yarrawonga Air Show in 1993 (I thought it was earlier but my wife tells be otherwise). It was April and my birthday was coming up so my better half decided to take me to the air show as part of my birthday gift. Little did I know, that she had organised a flight in a Tiger Moth (one of my favourite aircraft as a kid). We arrived and commenced looking around at various aircraft and then my wife started ushering me toward
  9. All good Methusala. Perhaps my post came across as being a bit flippant, but I do in fact support strong measures to exercise social distancing, limit unnecessary interaction and discourage congregation of large groups. I have an elderly parent in care and I'd be extemely pi$$ed (to put it mildly) if negligence or stupidity resulted in the virus finding it's way into the facility where she resides. My previous post was intended to highlight that perhaps there are now starting to be further steps taken to monitor movements, even if there is no obvious additional policing/security at aerodromes.
  10. Interesting. I undertook an afternoon flight on Friday across the border to a private airstrip and return (no problem with social distancing as I knew no one was home at the remote strip). On touchdown back at home airfield there was a text on the phone from Telstra simply stating "Stay at Home". Coincidence? Perhaps big brother is watching??
  11. A big thanks to the team at Deniliquin AD for the hospitality and hearty continental breakfast on Sunday morning. It was a good turnout with aircraft arriving from all points of the compass. The Wang Bugsmashers (photo) were in attendance and we enjoyed a pleasant flight over and back - although a little bumpy at times (84nm each way). I'd recommend the Sunday breakfast at Deni to all - a bargain at just $10 for the full breakfast. Don't forget the RH circuits on 06 and 12! Cheers Lawrie
  12. While Stevron was poking around to the South East at Benambra on Friday, I joined Geoff and Terry in Geoff's Eurofox (and myself in my Spaviero) to do the short jump from Wangaratta to Mt Beauty. What a magic day it was! Perfect flying conditions and great views of the scenery in our special part of Oz. There are a few options for a good feed at Mt Beauty, however I can recommend the food at the Mt Beauty Community Centre in particular. It's located on the opposite side of the pondage to the airstrip - a pleasurable 10 - 15min walk - providing time to chat about a range of aeronautical topi
  13. Here's one I made myself recently with built in pivoting ramps and chocks to stop the aircraft rolling off. Works well, but might not suit your situation if you don't have much space to roll the aircraft on. The tail wheel sits on a prefab movers trolley with castors bought for about $20 from Bunnings. I just cut a slot in the craftwood base of the trolley for the tail wheel to sit in.
  14. OK, I wasn't about to be the first past this post without adding my bit! I'd like to reassure the owner that all will be OK but I'm not one to geld the lily. This is a real night-mare scenario. It's bound to cost big bucks to fix. I could try to convince you that I wasn't here just because of the puns, but then I would be guilty of acting under foals pretences! ???
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