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VW based 7 cylinder Radial Engine


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Homemade VW based 7 cylinder Radial Engine.

Great effort, shame it's not for real World usage (aluminium master and link rods, exposed and unlubricated valve gear).


He's done the crankcases like I have drawn up as well, eg; round with cylinder adapters. Makes manufacturing so much easier.



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A "real" one viable Bex? .

Rotech have proven there's a small but steady market.


I have played around with a few ideas for fun using these bits which are stupidly cheap ....








Fun but a bit busy with other stuff at the moment.



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I wonder if a 3/5 or 7 cyl could be made from these parts at a reasonable weight?


220/260 at 200kg in the 9 cyl.




Coppied in China for the Nanchang it seems. Polish version only stopped production in 2007.


Watched a Wilga running and starting alot a few months ago. quite a compact looking engine I thought....turned the prop really slow.


Geared I imagine....



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It doesn't show the hard part. Machining the cams.

Cam rings aren't difficult. Remember you are talking about engines that were made 100 years ago with the skillz and machining ability back then, some home sheds have better machinery these days.


Probably one of the hardest parts is understanding the timing split between the cylinders, it's not just a simple case of putting the cylinders evenly segmented around 360 degrees, nor are the compression heights the same.


But anyway, I kind of think there's a better market for an older style inverted inline engine with the strong support for WW1 replicas, especially in Europe (and the Middle East!).




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