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Word back in April had it that Micro Aviation NZ might have acquired all the CAMiT tech............??


New Zealand certainly has the engineering capability to continue it on.



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ok so, just saying that 1 was to have an aircraft with a camitt engine, are jabiru parts the same/clone, ie. can the jabiru parts for all the engine be used in a camitt engine?


what are the parts options?





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In many cases yes, but not always a straight swap, just like Jabiru engines depending on the variant you may need to swap a set or pair


There is a source for some CAE parts



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Good work waraton. My gen 1 is able to use most of the CAMit stuff.


Yep, from the website " All parts are also retro fit for the earlier generation Jabiru engines with little or no modification. " Will be a big help for many, not sure about pricing but hopefully volume will allow that to take care of itself.

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