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If Peter can get multiple builds going at the same time he should be able to bang out a lot of aircraft every year, the lack of volume is what pushes up the cost of most aircraft.



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230KTAS on 7GPH at FL250 for $200,000 Australian? Never happen. It's simply far too good to be true. If it does come to fruition though, Van's will take a hit.


Work it backwards in USD:




15,000 GTN750


10,000 Dual 10" G3X system


750 for the GMC305 AP panel


290 G3X GPS Antenna


Leaving 104000 for the engine and airframe. A standard kit for the RV-10 costs 46,000 sans engine.


Looks great, I wish them well, but look at the Icon debacle and remember the old adage, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is...



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also don''t forget Vans has got to protect his customer's semi-finished projects, lowering the price of the kits, especially the quick build kits only damages the builders who can't complete.



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