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The Wings I would think. it's a pretty close copy of a Ryan the only giveaway is the thin prop no exhaust stubs and there is a pylon on the fuselage in front of the forward cockpit for the landing wires and to make egress easier when it's upside down on the ground. Good looking job. Nev



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The DESIGN should have covered that aspect provided your materials and construction methods are Aircraft standard or to the design specs. If you are using wood it's more difficult . You need to be quite knowledgeable on wood  selection, grading and application . Test pieces are subject to measured loads, to make sure they exceed the required material specs. Glued joints, specifically should be  thoroughly tested.


  There's a lot of this info on the American scene where homebuilts were well served with useful information. Tony Bingelis  sp? has authored a series of books an all aspects of homebuilt construction.  Recommended. Nev



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