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Question : Does a fly do a half loop or a half roll to land on the ceiling ?


When I was a young impressionable bloke, that very question caused a group of us to spend an entire long weekend consuming excessive amounts of alcoholic voice lubricants, in order to solve this important aviation conundrum. We never did come up with the answer.


That's because we didn't have the internet.


A quick google pointed me to a video in which some bloke informed me that they do neither.


In fact the fly flies normally near the ceiling, extends its front legs above its head and grasps the ceiling (with a sticky substance secreted on its feet), then uses momentum to flip itself upside down and grasp with the other feet.


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Oh nooo!!!


Now the internet has provided two different answers to the question!


But someone on our forum has gone to great lengths to assure me that the internet is a great source of fast, accurate research!


Maybe I'm better off going back to sitting around the campfire debating our own theories, and drinking (good) wine. The old way was good enough to arrive at the same possibilities as the internet experts did.



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