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The adverts for Covid-19. (Who writes their lines?)

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There is this big push for people to get tested and all that.


My thoughts are neither here nor there.


But we are bombarded with these adverts.


"From the chief medical officer in Canberra......"


He goes on talking about the virus.


"If you think you have Covid-19: Stay at home and get tested!"



So let me check I understand what he just said:


If I think I have the virus, I stay at home and they come to me and test me?


I don't think so!


Me thinks the script writer is being paid too much.


But, it makes me laugh. So I thought I would share it here.

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I reckon it is like palliative care was when my father needed it. It was in fact available for rich people and politicians, who therefore stupidly thought it was available to everyone. The truth was that there was NOTHING for ordinary people in the suburbs of Adelaide.

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I posted it here because it made me laugh at how stupid the words are.


Say one thing, mean another and do something else.


Seems like all the qualification one needs to enter politics .

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Actually, I'm getting sick and tired of these messages. Go to a shopping centre and they seem to be on and endless loop. It's worse than Christmas carols being played from the first of September.


And since the rules are more ignored than followed, it's a waste of good electrons. As for the broadcasts on radio and TV, I'm glad that the Murdoch empire is not suffering financially from the pandemic.

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ah it's just a little flu - just ask Bolsonaro (the Butcher of Brazil)


gonna be a LOT of deaths, and (according to The Butcher) the Amazon Indians aren't worth saving, even though they "appear to getting more human every day"


and one more small comment, just in case you weren't sure he is a moron - he's a Trump fan !!!



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