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We are all human. in a multicrew set up one winds the level in and the other confirms it and then replies. That's resource management.. IF there's only one pilot "anything" helps. IF there's any concern about it "SAY AGAIN" after ### Levels and direction of turn are where the stuff ups happen. Some turns are the LONG way around on purpose. It can track you OVER the departure aerodrome. Nev

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I used to use the scratch pad in the ScareBus for a clearance that was rather long winded. Like hold at xxx, depart xxx to cross yyy @ time 50 then 220kts, advise if unable! All while the head trolley dolly was pushing the call button!?

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I suppose one day it will come up on the screen as a voice actuated print out. Those long clearances are not fit for purpose. You are setting the stage for a fail.. Nev

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