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Powered chute protest

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A protester in a powered chute interrupted a Euro 2020 match in Munich between Germany and France. He zoomed in over the field and collided with a wire supporting the spidercam, before swinging over the crowd and eventually crashing onto the pitch. The parachute had the words “Kick out oil" and "Greenpeace” written on it.



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It's very hard to see in the fast video - but yes, he did have a tiny motor and prop strapped to him.




I bet he turned a greener shade of green when he found out police snipers had him in their sights, and were prepared to shoot him if it was deemed a terrorism attack. :yikes:


He can probably thank his lucky stars that it was German police who had him in their sights. If it was America, he'd have been riddled like a colander before he even dropped inside the stadium!


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This paramotor bloke is going to do time, nothing surer. It's bad enough that interfered with a European football game (a capital offence, no doubt in the EU) - but he overflew many people, against regulations, damaged camera equipment, and injured some spectators. Talk about the ultimate in idiocy, and an inability to do even basic flight planning.

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It appears the paramotor bloke talked his way out of trouble, as he originally had no plans to go anywhere close to the stadium - but a mechanical failure in the form of a broken throttle control meant he had inadequate control of his rig, and that's why he ended up crashing into the stadium.

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