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Helicopter clips poles in NZ


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Wow! Did you see it on 7 news this evening? It was played over about three or four times including some different angles and close-ups. Really fascinating, the dynamics involved. Good stuff that no-one was hurt.



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Guest Andys@coffs

the only thing more violent that a chopper crash is the following assult on your bank balance.......


I started to play with RC choppers years ago (before minature rate gyro's were standard) it didnt take too long before I was cured of that particularly nasty habit.....





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Guest Andys@coffs
i dont understand how this happened, the pilot was wearing a Hi-Viz vest! everyone knows that a Hi viz vest is the answer to prevent all workplace accidents!!

Check this one out, especially the slomo's http://www.nzherald.co.nz/national/news/video.cfm?c_id=1503075&gal_cid=1503075&gallery_id=122813


Dont knock the vest!!, the guys on the ground also had them and one of the guys was able to run at such a speed that his top, including vest, was well ahead of his legs which caused an A over T maneouvre, a danger in itself!


If the high viz vest was extended to a full body suit, torso and legs would have all been moving at the same rate that his pucker valve was puckering instead of being out of sync and slow.


The pilot, only had a top and it is clear if you look that during initial death roll the top half of him was working damned hard to get away from, that machine, clearly again he didnt have a lower half high viz or he would have succeeded.


The stay wire was damaged as well, it wasnt painted in high visibility fluro colour as well...... Seems to me that the evidence is clear



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Late night ABC late night news had an extended segment on the NZ Helo incident which showed two different very good quality high definition videos and excellent close-up video of the helo back in a storage building and the pilot talking about the incident.


Both video’s, one side on and the other with the helo flying directly straight at a camera clearly show a untethered cable hanging from the top the tower mast, as the helo moves slowly closer to the intended pick-up mark the rotor wash causes the untethered cable to be sucked towards the helo with the cable resulting being sucked into the main rotor blades.


The pilot appears not to have seen this reasonable small diameter wire as he again appeared to be looking in the area; however, he most likely was looking at the tower.


This begs the question as to was there a ground based ‘air liaison official’ who’s responsible for first clearing the area for any obstacles, wires and other associated damages, etc. If this was so, the person failed to ensure that untethered cable was in-fact correctly secured..? 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif


I noted also that this helo (and possible all other civilian helos) appeared to have very low safety structural standards regarding the strength of the seats and their associated mounting frames and support structures as the close-up video with the pilot in the storage building shows the weak structure of the seat supports. Whilst the incident was violent in dynamic forces, etc the actual landing impact whilst very heavy indeed was totally possible in pilot/passenger survivability allowing that no fire occurred.


These videos will make for very good pilot training videos (shown of-course at the appropriate timing…) as if shown too earlier in their training the video would quite possibly see the trainee pilot excuse him/her-self from the course near to be seem in aviation again. 029_crazy.gif.9816c6ae32645165a9f09f734746de5f.gif



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