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VFR into IMC kills four


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Just a thought...I am using .com and you may be using .com.au..


I would say that with it being from an outside source those that are on slow connections may need to wait for it to display



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"He departed for a night cross-country flight while instrument meteorological conditions existed at the departure airport. He requested and received a special visual flight rules clearance."


Says it all, he was on the road to the angels the minute he hit the starter.



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When I take someone up, I take absolutely NO risks. Yet alone a risk as big as this. How many times are we told that VFR into IMC = Dead!


There is another post about a student who decided to take hi cherokee i think it was for a flight (about two posts up). He only killed himself so I don't really care. This guy though. Makes me so mad.



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