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Global warming has been discussed to death on a Gliding Forum that I frequent, and one of the posts there has brought to my attention the incontrovertible proof of the relationship between the number of pirates operating worldwide and global warming.




While this does not have the empremata (how is that really spelt?) of the United Nations, the data looks about as good as the politically correct garbage that comes from their offices these days.




As any good Pastafarian will tell you, there is undisputed evidence to show that the prevalence of pirates worldwide is directly linked to average global temperatures.


Please refer to the graph here and you will be left with no doubt whatsoever.




Regards Geoff



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The only true wilderness left is the space between a greenies ears...006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif or at least thats what I'm told.


werewolves could be on the rise too. nothing confirmed but strange happenings going on.:;)6:;)



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Yes it's true - Pastafarianism is a registered and approved (?) religious organisation in the good old U S of A - who wooda thunk? I am a convert, but it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Pastafarian Heaven has a stripper factory and a beer fountain...honest!


I'm about half way through the Pastafarian Bible - I keep having to put it down because my face starts to hurt from my hysterical laughing...got myself a chrome (plastic) FSM emblem for my Drifter too...only fly in the ointment is that my long-suffering wifey won't be seen with me in public with me colander on me head - so sad.





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If global warming is connected to longer days because of daylight saving, can I buy curtains that dont fade with the increased sunlight and will the pirates stay if the temperature goes down in winter. Oh, because the world is flat, do the pirates sail off the end of it on cold days?



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I have determined that the cause of death is water.


Everybody drinks water, everybody dies - this is not a coincidence, and obviously the government is hiding the truth from us about it.


Oh, because the world is flat, do the pirates sail off the end of it on cold days?

The Flat Earth is saucer or plate shaped surrounded all around the edge by the Antartica.




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