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My First Solo!

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Well after 17 Hours of dual instruction my instructor looked at me and said "Pull up here, I'm getting out." So away I went and now I have a certificate on my lounge room wall that states that "I did on this day rise aloft in a flying machine and then by skilful manipulation of the controls did alight again upon the ground, thus joining that select band of intrepid aviators who have successfully broken the bonds that hold lesser mortals earthbound."


Proudest day of my life.





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Congratulations Chucky.




Congratulations,It`s a great experience isn`t it?.


Forever more, make every flight a learning experience,be aware of everything thing that is going on around you,try to become one with the aircraft and remember you are the one doing the flying,the aircraft is only coming along for the ride.


Flying is easy,it`s only the bit at the bottom that realy hurts, if you get it wrong.




farri. :rotary:



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