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Started a spare parts list

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Can I suggest that you leave Skippys post in this thread and also duplicate it in your new thread, the post starting;


"It's amazing how conversations on this Forum can dive down unexpected, often entertaining/instructive "rabbit holes".


This is not one of those beneficial digressions - there are certain people who have voiced opinions, completely unrelated to the maintenance of Rotax 9 engines regarding the installation of spark plugs.


I warn Rotax maintainers against these opinions (anti size and unspecified lubricants) -  they have no application  in the installation of spark plugs in Rotax 9 engines.


......... "



and then move all the posts after that into your new thread.



I did not use your new thread as the context of the discussion would be lost.


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On 06/06/2024 at 6:47 PM, facthunter said:

Read what I just posted above.  Nev

Agree; the purpose for all aluminium engines is to prevent thread-lock. Tear the thread out of a plug hole and you’ll be convinced for life.

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That would be a pretty good way of  restructuring the argument just because YOU don't like it. IF You haven't NOTICED ... up till now. I've consistently said "DO WHAT THE  MAKER ADVISES"..  There's confusion here about Silicone, silicon  and silica. Some of the silicone sealants I use go hard in the tube before I finish them.. How do you clean the thread of the remains of the old sealant? What solvent would you use? any remaining grunge would maybe keep the  thread from having the optimum contact and also negate the validity of the torquing figure.. There's a big risk of the wrong product being used. ."This one has silicon in it and should do it." as I don't have the brand you asked for. Hence the possibility of the unknown variable creeping in.  Murphy's Law. .Nev 

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