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Pacific Flyer Monthly Photo Competition - November 2009

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So. Another one bites the dust. Speaking of which, you will all have cleaned it off your chariots and taken to the skies now that spring has sprung (the dust). Although I prefer winter flying and don't quite understand aviation hibernation. I love the crunch of the ice puddles in the morning, and the swearing of the Jab Jockeys when it fails to fire because the wife's hairdryer isn't producing the watts it used to. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Mmm - I digress.


The point is that everyone is flying again, and when that happens there are people everywhere seeing cool stuff. Magical views. Unique perspectives unattainable by the earthbound.


So take a bloody camera! Post the results here. Win 6 months subscription to a great magazine you can stockpile for next winter and read in the toilet while dreaming of the next spring.


Don't forget to have a high resolution version of your photo available for publication, and to send it to Angela at [email protected] when she announces the winners.


Also remember that if you didn't take the picture, the person who did needs to give permission for publication.


Good luck all.



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Taken at 5500ft heading east over head Chinchilla.... was impressive! cloud level was 4000ft. Though I chickened out after a few minutes and went back to the roughness under them! Though there was huge big gaps everywhere, I wasn't comfortable somehow?!







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Dunno about standoff, I'd be worried about the prop on the Winjeel eating through that cone!

If it had a bit of Ice cream in it, I'd be half tempted to eat through it too!025_blush.gif.9304aaf8465a2b6ab5171f41c5565775.gif



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Here goes a few I took at the Langley Park Flyin over the weekendMike

G'day Mike


Some very nice vintage and classic aircraft calling the west home. I want to get over to one of the Langley fly-ins one day it looks a great event.





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Guest mike_perth

Scott - yes there are some nice aircraft in WA thats for sure - I dont think Id book my ticket just yet for the next fly in by the sounds this one was difficult to arrange due to insurance and the new fantastic Bell Tower the WA government put in, as it is in your 12 oclock when departing to the west and its pretty tall!





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