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  1. Ian has left the building After a leisurely breakfast browsing the weather reports, and an hour's delay due to a flat battery, Ian finally got away from YPMQ at 0900 local. Personally I think he held out to the hour to make nav calcs easier (I really don't believe he can drive all the technology he has packed into that little CT.) WX for his trip south sucks (predictably!) and he'll need all the CTs performance to make any ground speed at all. Me, I'm having a day off, and I plan to find somewhere warm and sunny to curl up with a good book.
  2. Just noticed, the canopy shape on the CT4 looks just like the SportStar profile reversed. Sort of... Oh, alright... Ggg
  3. Congratulations Matt and Kaz, I'm delighted to hear you've found a new baby. Be assured that "Dimples" is being well cared for and is behaving in exemplary manner. Ian (yes, he did survive the trip up here) and I have just been comparing his CTsw with Dimples. The conclusion is that the CTsw is about 20 kts faster all around, but we concluded that both are beautiful aircraft. Look forward to seeing you at Camden Haven (Ross Glen) on June 22/23/24 - something else Ian and I have been discussing with other Hastings District people this afternoon. Should be a great weekend. Cheers Gregg
  4. Yes Ian, spot on. It's actually much easier than it looks on the map. The railway line is very easy to see and follow, and the terrain is not as unfriendly as you may imagine. I managed to get the C-172 through there after Narromine. Now, in the SportStar I would definitely have no issues. Probably follow the rail lines through the tunnels just for fun. Ggg
  5. Pleased to see that you started on the right foot - with the best choice in aircraft, the SportStar ;-) Cheers, Gregg
  6. Tell him to go with the numbers he's used to. Near enough ;-) Gregg
  7. Indeed, someone did pick up a bargain. I am now Drifterless, and Jody has moved down to the Central Coast. I now drive a SportStar - and I'm loving it. The Drifter was a ge\reat experience, that I wouldn't have missed for quids, but as I'm now 57 I value the little creature comforts a bit more. Best wishes to all you Drifter Drivers. I'll always be one at heart. Gregg
  8. greggf

    How sweet they are!!!

    Anyone who can contain themselves to rate 1 turns in a SportStar is a model of self control. Personally, I've got used very quickly to 80 degree banked turns "because I can". She is such a beautiful little aircraft and makes me feel like a fighter ace. Today was a good test. Wind 180 at 14 kts on the ground. Runway 21, so only a few kts of left x-wind for takeoff. At about 300 feet we ran into a washing machine of shear. I found full aileron each side several times, and I estimate the wind at 500 feet as about 50 kts. Definitely NOT fun, but the SportStar handled it with aplomb. I was NOT having fun, and I was VERY glad to get back into ground effect for landing. Still, it was a great experience, and I was delighted with the way little "Dimples" handled herself in bloody rough conditions. Gregg
  9. greggf


    Flew my beautiful "Dimples" up to South West Rocks today with 8 other aircraft from Port Macquarie. Had lunch at a resurant there and then flew back after a couple of sight-seeing flights. 500' down the beach all the way back. On a glorious day (30C and calm) it was bliss on a stick. Be it known by all that Dimples (formerly known as SportStar 3978) is being superbly treated by her new family, and has settled very comfortably into Port Macquarie.
  10. Darren and Emma, Don't talk him out of it. Do you know how long I've waited for this? Chers, Gregg (new owner) And now I have to make a new avatar.
  11. greggf


    Hi Kaz, I was joking. Besides, I like my greggf tag. Now I hope the weather gods will be kind to us. Cheers Gregg
  12. Hi folks, After a long absence I'm back on the Forum, and again my Drifter is for sale. I took it off the market nearly a year ago because I was having too much fun, but now I do need to sell my beloved "Jody". Excellent condition, always hangared, Rotax 912 4-blade carbon, 68 ltr tank (plus pump and plumbing for a belly tank), recent cables, new tyres, helmets, headsets, etc. Also has a GRS chute fitted (lots of pelicans around here) plus a decent radio, intercom and antenna. Runs like a dream, stable and gutsy. Economical at around 11 ltrs per hr. $32,500 or (very) near offer. [email protected] or call 0419 438 194 Located: Port Macquarie NSW.
  13. Hmm, a Drifter in Canberra. Nup. That's why I left Canberra. I do have a couple of freezer suits that I no longer need ;-) Gregg
  14. greggf


    Look, I've made it back to the Forums. Lucky the SportStar forum is just next to the Drifter forum.
  15. greggf


    Hey, does the SportStar 3978 identity go with the aircraft? ;-)
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