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  1. Some of this data is out-of-date. No one is using the Hirth F33. The most popular engine now is the SE-33, a converted industrial V-twin, delivering about 33hp (a 35hp tuned version is also available). People with need for more power are using the 50hp Hirth F-23. The LSA version from Skycraft never eventuated. There are UK SSDR and German 120kg Klasse compliant versions, some European countries accept the factory-built versions while most other countries are amateur-built from the basic kit (plans, wing, fin & elevator spars) up to 51% kits. SD-1 Minisport brochure.p
  2. It was mainly on the rotary engines (Gnome Monosoupape), they had no variable throttle valve, only minimal control on the valves and cutting the ignition either all or some cylinders. This resulted in the typical engine noise of engine off - engine on when coming in to land (same while starting up/idling/taxiing). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnome_Monosoupape
  3. The piston & diaphragm don't move unless the throttle has moved or the engine rpm changed. The piston has a very close fit with the guide tube and that captured volume acts as a damper. The passage of the vacuum port to lift the piston is also very small to reduce or just about eliminate the pressure fluctuations and piston movements. SU and Stromberg CV carbys have an oil-filled guide tube acting as a damper, mainly to reduce the movement when opening the throttle (lack of oil is noticeable by a flat spot when quickly opeing the throttle).
  4. I met Helmut (the owner) a 5-6 years ago when I was looking at the Terrier. I didn't like the way you had to climb over the gear leg and squeeze through the door to get into the seat. At that time, he was talking about out-sourcing the fibreglass work to China. He still had all the moulds for the components at his shed/factory. Not sure what happened since then.
  5. My Tecnam has a very small overflow bottle (200ml) and I get a 10-15mm level difference between summer and winter (engine at ambient, temp around 20deg different). Very important to know your cold (ambient) level. Older 912s don't have the "window" so if in doubt, you need to remove the radiator cap to ensure the coolant level is at the neck. The fluctuating gauge reading could indicate an air lock/bubble, faulty wiring or sensors usually result in fast movements of the gauge. Being an EMS, that will depend on the dampening factors.
  6. Thought the same. They really hit hard on the "where is the justification" which is my main gripe. No data at all from ASA to justify any change at this stage. The survey from RA-Aus might have shown them where our position is and they have repsonded to ASA accordingly.
  7. It depends how you value the 3% of lost power. If it is non-measurable in flight performance: no. If it is making a difference, maybe yes.
  8. With all of this talk about getting a transponder to be able to use class E, what about some small aircraft (single seaters) with very limited panel space! I will not be able to fit a transponder in my panel/cockpit that is reachable in flight. And that is the incomplete panel, still need the fuel level tube and a few switches installed. I will have to crawl around the Atherton Tableland like in the old days with the limit of 500'!
  9. I did get a response to my question: we are working on it! there is a very rough outline in one of their presentations, showing the “J-curve”, which is roughly where the lower limits would be applied.
  10. If you read between the lines of this proposal, you see that they are dividing the class G airpsace into 3 catergories: low, medium and high density: As part of this program, Airservices is proposing to lower the base of Class E airspace to 1,500ft (AGL) in medium and high density enroute airspace between Cairns and Melbourne in December 2021. It is not the whole area. More than likely, it will be some decent areas around every airport with RPT and other busy airports and low-level transit zones. Without Airservices providing a map, we simply don't know how much it will affect
  11. I have asked the question on the Air Services website re the maps. This proposal is useless without maps showing what "their" perceived medium and high density airspaces look like.
  12. Oil temp is just an indicator for the temperature of the bottom end, CHT is the top end. If you start a cold engine and go to full power, the engine wil warm up unevenly (cylinder head and barrels warm up nearly instantly under full power) while the crank case is still cold. The different temperatures lead to different expansion of the components and many joints will be subject to minute movements. Over time, this will lead to oil leaks. VW cars were quite well know for this. Drivers who gave the engine time to warm up had clean engines, the drivers who jumped in and floored it had oil le
  13. FYI, Pete Plumb (O-100 creator) has passed away a few months ago. The O-100 project might continue if there is a suitable buyer for the IP and tooling/processes. 1/2 VW output ranges from 28hp (840cm3) to 45hp (1200cm3) and weigh arounf 39kg (single magneto, direct drive, without electric start and alternator) to 47kg (direct drive, dual ingition, starter & alternator) So, if you are looking for an alternative for the 1/2 VW, there is very little out there in that hp range and weight. HKS 700E (55-60hp), Verner JCV-360 (35hp), Hexadyne P60 (60hp), Jabiru 1600 (56hp) and a
  14. The problem with disposable batteries is that the manufacturer doesn’t have to disclose the battery capacity. So you have no means of comparing batteries based on $/mAh. The other factor is when they start to leak and wreck your appliance/instrument. I lost many because I forgot to remove the batteries before putting them away.
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