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  1. The following info was posted on a US facebook group, Microlight and Ultralight aircraft. Wayne. VW Conversion: 100hp ASTM Certified Engine by MotorAV 100 hp @ 2900 rpm, Direct Drive 189 lbs ( 85.7 kg ) Minimum runnable dry weight including the alternator. TBO 1200 hours. 2,000 hours after ASTM Certification. Magnesium Alloy AS41 Engine Case; Nitrided Crankshaft with integral propeller flange; Throttle Body Injector; Hydraulic Valve Lifters; Dual Spark Plugs; Dual Electronic Ignition; Primary Alternator 12V/20A; Secondary optional alternator 12V/50A; The suggested price of $12,900. Mr Bill Brogdon, the design consultant, is a former Chief Engineer of Continental Motors.
  2. An interesting development to watch http://www.motorav.com/ Wayne.
  3. Anyone know what page I can find this article on!
  4. until

    Very relaxed last one in 2017, great company, plenty of food, chance to fly to local beach for breakfast, model aircraft club and car clubs invited, go for a flight anytime.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.9news.com.au/article/7d8f85d9-aa9e-4ccc-a3f4-3de18cb5cfdf
  6. Those Drone guns send a 'blanketing frequency signal' that interrupts the signal from the drone operators transmitter being received by the drone, once the drone has lost contact with the transmitter, most are programmed to return to the home point which is usually where they took off from. Wayne.
  7. L3 Commercial Aviation fleet. Our Training Fleet For Pilot Training - L3 Academy
  8. Thanks good friend, my wife and I were priviledged to have a relaxing day as passengers on board a R44 for a round trip, Toowoomba, Bribie Island, Caboolture & return. We had two close calls with birds and short final at Caboolture and shortly after takeoff with a hawk/kite. It's hard to believe they actually located the Dump/Land Fill right next to the airfield. It was a nice day for flying with plenty of traffic in the Caloundra, Caboolture and Redcliffe areas with constant radio chatter. Here are a few photos taken today.
  9. I would think dope would do the job ok. I put some inspection rings on the underside of my wing and the the dope just softened the paint and the fabric stuck on well. Wayne.
  10. WayneL

    Drifter Pics

    Nice, love the colours. Wayne
  11. Like to see another video of the twin otter landing and taking off in no wind conditions. Wayne
  12. Can't see you wanting to hide behind that bubble wind shield though Frank! Especially in beautiful NQ! Wayne.
  13. WayneL

    What`s Happening???

    You must have been getting set to look in your rear vision mirror going the other way!
  14. Thunda, I am not sure February would be a good idea, very hot that time of the year in the areas you wish to go. Wayne.