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  1. Flexwings are magical!
  2. Mayday = LIFE is in grave or imminent danger. Either it is or isn't and respectfully, any forced landing onto terrain that is 'best choice at the time', the outcome is highly likely to be uncertain, and you are at grave risk of smacking your body into in moving bits at considerable speed. Thinking about it takes mental resources which you need to focus on flying, particularly at low level. Make the call. Cancelling is easy. Getting help is not so.
  3. Go to YYWG and take a TIS in a machine with the wing in your hands where you feel the wind moving, and airspeed is a sound not a number on a dial. Try a trike. Just excellent fun and such a buzz.
  4. Not hitting - getting. Fat fingers!!
  5. TKs If you could tell me who built your trailer that would be good too - if they’ve done it once it might be worth my while hitting them to do another one. I had a wing carrying trailer with my last trike and really like the idea of a tilting trailer.
  6. Hi Do you have the plans for your trailer at all? Jeff
  7. Anyone know of hangar space at Wollongong fora WS trike?
  8. A good sized second seat is importnat. Where else would you fit the fuel/tent/spare cothes/tie downs/.......
  9. No import duty payable under AUS FTA on HS code for aircraft kits I understand.
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