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  1. The swan river was very shallow. The impact was comparable to hitting land in my view.
  2. Best of luck Ian. Rarely in todays world do organisations value the efforts of the self spawned entrepreneur such as yourself. This site fills an important vacuum that our governing body has failed to appreciate, encourage and foster.That is we deserve to be informed and in a manner that is accurate and transparent. Cheers monty.
  3. I wonder if the pilot had 3rd party insurance...hehehehe
  4. God bless both the deceased. Another tradgedy. Condolences to all those affected and that know the deseased.
  5. I agree with the theory laid out in the video. Although i would say the greater force for flight is pushing air downward, the upper curvature also plays some significance. The greater power the craft has the lesser wings come to play. Think of a rocket?
  6. Very unuck indeed. Condolences to the family
  7. 300 km is a fair distance for an ultrllight. heli. hope it wasn't fuel starvation. RIP.
  8. I'm led to believe that all ultralights in Germany had to have a ballistic parachute. If that's the case why didn't they deploy it?
  9. This aircraft has been meticulously cared for, it has a ballistic parachute fitted by the the factory and has just been repacked so has another 6 years TBO. XT 912 Tourer 2006 Model with streak 3 wing 323 Hours and all servicing up to date. Includes all extras and original books Microair Radio with 2 head sets,2 helmets,2 flying suits and bar mitts plus GPS. BRS and EPERB Full set heavy covers, light rain cover and wing cover. Under belly bag and overhead bag. Reluctant sale $35,000-00 Location Melbourne
  10. They look a great way to attach the leads. I wonder how they stand up to long term exposure to corrosive battery chemicals ?
  11. I thought lithium ion batteries were not safe for aircraft use or at least not recommended. I read it in the raa magazine a while back.
  12. Well done Adam im really enjoying your pod casts. Btw when will you upload the second half of the lightwing episode and the kit builder episode? Keep up the good work. Monty
  13. I think its really good . probably designed just to get you height as a self launcher.
  14. They took my $5000 quick smart now just have to wait for the $50 cht gauge to arrive! I accept that some stock may be in transit but 2-3 months delay is ridiculous. Even though the cht is coming from spain apparently still cant justify the eta being extended every two weeks. Either its on its way or it isnt?
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