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  1. No mention of flying restrictions for rural pilots at the Corona Virus vic gov site. Travel - regional Victoria | Coronavirus Victoria but still no flying for lockdown areas. https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/travel-restrictions
  2. What is a planner anyway. Someone who change their mind every 3 - 5 years. We already have a second international airport in Avalon situated between our two biggest cities in vic. Some planner didn't think we needed it and sold it on. The eastern area can easily be serviced by commuter shuttle from Traralgon.
  3. No recreational flying or flight training Travel | Coronavirus Victoria https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/travel-restrictions See very end of page. Makes it very clear
  4. I'm vaccinated so don't really care about those who don't wish to be. The virus will not be controlled by vaccination but vaccination protects those of us who are vaccinated from falling gravely ill, (in most cases). So if I come in contact with the virus, either from a vaccinated or non vaccinated carrier I have the best chance of survival. When the majority are protected we will see the economy very slowly open up again and good luck to those who refuse to have the jab. That said, I feel for those who, for medical reasons, cannot be vaccinated.
  5. Mewp

    Saab 37 Viggen

    not so the Gripen, beautiful aircraft and well suited to Australias needs.
  6. The problem with home visits is we don't check-in so contact tracing then relies on honesty and memory. Give each household a code and even then people would not use it just like I see at shops when several people are checking in at the same time.
  7. Had a 172 with flap extension failure. Was the earth lead from the flap motor to the wing skin. Dissimilar metal corrosion.
  8. Thats the real difference between Pifzer and AstraZeneca, Pifzer costs around $30 per dose where as Astrazeneca is around $4 per dose. Astrazeneca announced they would not profit from sales during the pandemic.
  9. On 28 July 2021 Lismore council have an approved grant of $300,000 from round 2 of the Federal Regional Airports Program for the Construction of a dedicated run-up bay to improve safety. Lot of money for a run up bay. I think we as general tax payers have subsidized Lismore quite generously.
  10. A lot of regional council strips were once federal government strips. The Feds passed the airports to councils with a large cash incentive which was, I am led to believe, to be invested and the returns used to help fund future airport costs. Most councils forgot that and absorbed the funds into general income. As far as landing fees go for recreational users we could pay a donation as a lot of council provided camping sites do. This would remove the need for administration, issuing of receipts etc. Larger regular commercial operations would and possibly do negotiate directly with councils and
  11. I think i read up to 30% use of avgas is ok. Over that and what RFGuy says comes into play.
  12. 0. Yep, went on a cruise once so now wear the captains hat.
  13. My thoughts go out to family and friends. Instructors do the industry a great service and it a great loss when accidents like this happen. Turbo, I guess we all have had odd moments with instructors. I was doing my NVFR training circuits at a country strip and very dark night when the instructor firstly noticed we were on fire (exhaust flame under aircraft) and after an emergency landing and a few more circuits he spotted an aircraft on a conflicting course (reflection of dome light in window not moving across screen). Both events required me to assess the situation and take action
  14. Dont fall into their trap. To consider any change before a complete justification statement can be proven true and correct gives them leverage. By suggesting other than the status quo at this time says you believe there is a problem requiring immediate unsubstantiated action. Just what they want. The RAA approach demanding an overarching policy, real analysis and user review before any consideration is given is the only way forward.
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