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  1. Dont fall into their trap. To consider any change before a complete justification statement can be proven true and correct gives them leverage. By suggesting other than the status quo at this time says you believe there is a problem requiring immediate unsubstantiated action. Just what they want. The RAA approach demanding an overarching policy, real analysis and user review before any consideration is given is the only way forward.
  2. If the car and people weren't there he could have made a better approach
  3. I use avplan and print out the track maps and ersa entries. I have lost an ipad to overheating for about 15min and reverted to maps and onboard garmin gps. Technology not designed for the purpose (ipad) will always present a risk.
  4. I flew a Cessna 172F for 10+ years and loved it. Very forgiving and heavy enough to handle most thermals in summer. What got me to sell it and go LSA was the ever increasing maintenance and flying costs. Minor parts were very expensive and major replacement of parts like control cables cost around $6000 fitted. (Cessna AD) Over the time I owned it an annual went from several hundred dollars to many thousand, mostly for AD's issued by Cessna and finally the Cessna SIDS program estimated between $15k - $25K (plus repairs if needed) broke the love affair. My LSA flies well but thermals are an i
  5. Been there, done that. C172 O300C. Indicated by very rough running. First mag failed and second very weak. Luckily at 5000ft after long climb and still close to home base. Was planned to fly over divide to Benalla! Mags (slick) were supposedly overhauled about 10hrs previous and after inspection found to have damaged parts installed. Now fly rotax
  6. Skippy I stand corrected. No offence taken.
  7. Type 24 aircraft cannot be modified in any way without a manufacturers Letter Of Approval and manufacturers seem very reluctant to provide them.
  8. Got Foxtel (Auster) around 1996 and was shocked by the strong American accent that came across with all the American content. Now 20 odd years later I do not even notice the difference. With all the US content our language is slowly migrating from the good old aussie accent to the now international (American) version of english without even noticing it youall. I even believe some schools teach "Z" as ZEE. What next!
  9. If you watch the video at around 0.34 you hear a backfire and again at 0.36 just as he enters the dive the engine misfires again and a puff of smoke trails the aircraft. I suggest he had a power decrease mid roll and lost thrust causing the roll to enter the dive. Maybe?
  10. Flightrite, it couldn't be clearer than that! Latest update for regional Victorians only. https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/travel-regional-victoria-covid-19#can-i-fly-a-plane-for-recreation-or-take-a-flying-lesson
  11. Just brought my new CO2 detector from our very own pilot shop. $7:95 Helps support this forum
  12. I believe the aircraft will still need to be maintained as per the manufacturers schedule and a LOA will still be required for all non standard installation of equipment just as any factory built (24) LSA is required to do.
  13. Don’t forget the included insurances that come with your raa certificate.
  14. The problem I see is the government is selling bonds to the reserve to raise money and at some stage it has to be paid back when those bonds mature.. How close we come to a full economic depression is anybody's guess but funds are needed and it has to be done. It also worries me that so far the economic packages being offered places people out of employment and onto the Jobseeker Payment. it would be better paid into the payrolls of the companies effected, this would keep staff employed (possibly on holiday pay) and on their books ready to return to work when their industry gets the all clea
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