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  1. Skippy I stand corrected. No offence taken.
  2. Type 24 aircraft cannot be modified in any way without a manufacturers Letter Of Approval and manufacturers seem very reluctant to provide them.
  3. Got Foxtel (Auster) around 1996 and was shocked by the strong American accent that came across with all the American content. Now 20 odd years later I do not even notice the difference. With all the US content our language is slowly migrating from the good old aussie accent to the now international (American) version of english without even noticing it youall. I even believe some schools teach "Z" as ZEE. What next!
  4. Flightrite, it couldn't be clearer than that! Latest update for regional Victorians only. https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/travel-regional-victoria-covid-19#can-i-fly-a-plane-for-recreation-or-take-a-flying-lesson
  5. Just brought my new CO2 detector from our very own pilot shop. $7:95 Helps support this forum
  6. I believe the aircraft will still need to be maintained as per the manufacturers schedule and a LOA will still be required for all non standard installation of equipment just as any factory built (24) LSA is required to do.
  7. The problem I see is the government is selling bonds to the reserve to raise money and at some stage it has to be paid back when those bonds mature.. How close we come to a full economic depression is anybody's guess but funds are needed and it has to be done. It also worries me that so far the economic packages being offered places people out of employment and onto the Jobseeker Payment. it would be better paid into the payrolls of the companies effected, this would keep staff employed (possibly on holiday pay) and on their books ready to return to work when their industry gets the all clea
  8. Having read the federal and Victorian publications I cannot see any legal reason prohibiting private flying if you comply with the 4sqm directive and boarder restrictions. My opinion is the government would like everyone to remain isolated as much as possible but the regulations in place do not prohibit movement so travelling by yourself to a private hangar to operate a private aircraft appears to me to be quite legal. I say this as an aerial spray chopper just flew overhead to work on a nearby property.
  9. BFR due so no flying until a solution is found or an extension is granted.
  10. Site seems fine to me. Don't see what the fuss is about. A donation of $50 / year for those who want the site and can afford it seems reasonable.
  11. Rotax require engine hours recorded from start to stop, puts engine hrs about 10% above airframe hours. My old Cessna had the Hobbs with a vacuum air switch which cut in at around 25 kts. IAS. Vacuum provided by an external horn.
  12. It appears the opening screen with the login button is pointing to an incorrect link https://www.recreationalflying.com/forums/login/ and comes back with an error "page cannot be found". The link on the LHS menu points to https://www.recreationalflying.com/login/ and works.
  13. Local dealer here is towing a boat around to demonstrate the towing ability of the hybrid. The prius cannot tow and you cannot fit a towbar to it. The best they allow is a bike rack. Toyota web site shows towbar as option for the rav4
  14. Have had 4 prius hybrids over last 10 yrs. Never had a problem with any of them and the current one has 240K on clock. Perfect combination of battery and ICE for Aus. I drive Melb to Gold Coast 4 times a year, 110 k/h most of the way @ 4.8 L / 100k. Cant tow with the prius but the new AWD Rav 4 can and gets 4.8 L / 100k. Nice vehicle too. My sister has a Tesler and just gets from Melb to Albury before needing a charge. The super charger only charges to 80% (to save battery) so another charge at Euroa to get back home. Australia is perfect for hybrids because of the distances travelled if you w
  15. A vinyl wrap on the area may protect the skin and can be easily removed when necessary
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