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  1. Hi Azhar, I to have fallen for this trap. I've built now several of those Pi ADS-B receivers. There is NO SOFTWARE "out there" for the Pi4. You have to sell that Pi4 off, and buy a Pi3B+ - this is the ONLY one the software works on. It's a different boot process for the Pi4 than the Pi3. Sorry dude, but at least you now have an answer. Regardless, here is your link for the download: http://stratux.me/#download
  2. Andrew AIRSIDE ELECTRICAL 17 Nyrang Circuit Woodcroft Adelaide South Australia 5162 Tel +61 435365646
  3. Yea, IF your happy to pay Ozrunways for their Premium subscription, otherwise AVPlan give your ADSB-B Traffic over the internet.
  4. Peter @ Yarrawonga Flight Training all has the grades of that wire in stock.
  5. The wings are both 80mm wide, not just 8m but I couldn't figure out how to edit the listing.
  6. Yes, I agree, I've always found it not only difficult to read, but just as awkward to put oil in. I found that by inserting the stick so that it's just resting on the thread, you should see just a little knob of oil at the bottom of the stick, but do it several times to be sure. It's a real pain in the ass. One day while flying I noticed the oil pressure well down into the yellow arc, and I was concerned enough to put the a/c down immediately, just to find it was well low on oil, and yet less than an hours' flight ago, I "thought" the engine had plenty of oil. Generally a poor design and a wel
  7. Firstly let me say that I've been a Pilot for 20+ years so I'm no newbie. Plus, I'm an Automotive Electrician and I own an electronics repair shop. I bought a brand new MicroAir from a local Victorian Aviation supplier. I have a Jabiru SK55 which had an ICOM Flip/Flop IA-C200 which worked total fine, i.e. no strange noises or anything. After fitting an alternative dash panel I removed the under dash ICOM and install the new MicroAir into the dash panel. I just re-used all the original aircraft wiring, soldering up all connections. I had done some basic testing on my bench first, and the radio
  8. I have a Jabiru with 2200 engine. I have read some negative stuff about the engine but from my experience, it's a brilliant engine, and never gives me one moment of trouble. I DO change the oil every 25 hours and re-torque the heads and gap the valves clearance just to be sure. I changed the plugs every 50 hours or if I'm jus for any reason. These are a rock solid engine from my experience. Buy with confidence.
  9. I just tried it now, seems to be OK. I guess they fixed it.
  10. I recently got mine repaired is RUSSIA, yes Russia. They advertise on eBay - flat rate US$95.00 - I pulled the circuit out of mine, and posted it off in a padded bag. Took about three weeks all up. They communicated with me along he way, and when asked they gave me a fault report - the $95 includes return postage. Richard.
  11. This is what your Jabiru looks like when you pop out the instrument cluster.
  12. The business side of my new dash panel
  13. I made a dash panel to include my iPad Mini. Also fitted a new radio, USB ports and digital AOAT/Clock
  14. Yea, the external buttons are tiny and they are supplied with the clock as part of the purchase price. I have a special tool that I purchased which has two sides. One side punches out a perfect 3 1/8" and the other side punches out the 2 1/4" holes, plus I have a template for the mount screw holes. I'd be happy to punch out an aluminium piece for you if you want from some 1.8mm plate.
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