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  1. Kgwilson If we didn't need that to breathe it would be great. I hear what you're saying kg - No one would chose to be exposed to it in any strong concentration for any period of time.. similar to installing a BRS perhaps active fire control would be yet another item in the pilot's tool box.. Further to M61A1 reference(s) FAQs Clean Agent Fire Protection & Halon CDC - Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health Concentrations (IDLH): Trifluorobromomethane - NIOSH Publications and Products CASA,FAA, ICOA, etc have developed policies post Halon https://www.casa.gov.au/sites/default/fi
  2. Aircraft - Active Fire Extinguishing - (thread drift, from passive fire control, perhaps) To Launch A Light Sport by the late Bob Fritz's, of Kitplanes magazine fame, builder's log of his Jabiru J250 build from 2008 - 2010 where he installed / plumbed in a Halon fire system - In the Line Of Fire- To Launch a Light Sport Fire In The Hole - Is an extinguisher just extra weight or an essential part of your aircraft systems? By Bob Fritz (pp 47-51 Kitplane mag Aug 2008) https://s28490.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Kitplanes_2008_08.pdf A Life Saved - Kitplane's Letters - Letters
  3. https://www.raa.asn.au/storage/aero53-raaus-v3.pdf About Ultralight Aircraft Experimental Amateur built major portion 51% Aircraft build and registration options https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2005L04039/156623a8-728b-4862-aa3c-2a1e77cf632d https://saaa.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/IPP5-001-Information-Paper-Buying-a-partially-built-aircraft-project.pdf https://www.atsb.gov.au/media/625511/AR2007043_1.pdf https://www.eaa.org/eaa/aircraft-building/BuilderResources/getting-started/the-51-percent-rule https://www.casa.gov.au/sites/default/files/caap-42zc-1-schedule-8-c
  4. Jabiru Aircraft Technical Manual JTM001-9, page 37 of 303 ~ 4 Cleaning, Ground Handling & Storage (All J Series) ~ 4.1.3 Exterior Surfaces ‘CAUTION’ DO NOT use Silicon based cleaning materials as Silicon is absorbed into Composite Materials and may effect reparability.. presumably includes Silicon based Lubricants. 5.14 Lubrication, page 56 of 303, the following points are designed to run “dry” if required however application of some graphite lubricant is recommended if excess friction is detected.
  5. Sprag clutch failure, pinion shaft spline meshed to main drive cog, starter motor spinning down to stop audible after button released, virtually no prop movement.. (edit time expired)
  6. IIRG the Jabiru starter motor’s original overrunning clutch assembly was a Honda 31207-ZE3-003 Clutch Over Running GX390 available from Honda small engine stores, Honda marine stores, and the internet.. Replaced one, a few years ago, at around 500+ hours in a J430.
  7. Wrt recreational flying activities, rusty planes & pilots, as well as student pilots these Crossbenchers call for change to 'nonsensical' coronavirus restrictions & Do driving lessons count as 'essential'? raises some interesting possibilities perhaps individually we could check with appropriate police and state health officials although membership association such as the RAA, SAAA, APOA, and others making these representions on our behalf may provide an integrated response.
  8. Wrt rusty planes &/or rusty pilots as well as student pilots this Can L-plate drivers keep practising under coronavirus restrictions? raises some interesting possibilities perhaps checking with appropriate police or state health officials might be the go
  9. Airventure 2019 ~ LSA Weight Limit Likely To Include Four-Seat Aircraft, Paul Bertorelli July 22, 2019 ~ http://avweb.acemlnb.com/lt.php?s=4bac45814476bb5e9a4cf11ae2f42a80&i=103A117A3A1846
  10. There may be a connection problem between the Dacom Intercom Aircraft Radio Microphone Output ~ to ~ the Bendix King Aircraft Radio Microphone Input... Wiring Loom: Incorrect wiring/pinouts, bent/loose pin, or poor soldering/crimping etc..
  11. Frabic Covering Course ~ in conjunction with Poly-Fiber USA 16th~17th February 2019 at HARS Museum, Wollongong. NSW http://www.aviationtrader.com.au/wp-content/post_images/PDFs/05029E79-1.pdf
  12. Cane farming is a big part of Queensland’s history, and, I believe, its’ largest agricultural crop. Don’t know many covert red meat farmers. Removing all sugar in food and pharmaceutical production can be technically challenging. We are all a mix of inherited genetics and our environmental factors, there’s is a lot of health mythology, moderation in all things is good.
  13. G’day Damiens, Wrt- VH some basic maintenance is possible Schedule 8 - CIVIL AVIATION REGULATIONS 1988 - SCHEDULE 8 Maintenance that may be carried out on a Class B aircraft by a person entitled to do so under subregulation 42ZC(4) VH experimental check with SAAA - Sport Aircraft Association of Australia RAA kit builds check with RAA - Home - RAAus
  14. G'day nig71, Can you indicate the type, make or model for the:- aircraft, aircraft VHF radio(s), (intercom if fitted), and your intended UHF h/h or panel mount. A panel mounted rotary switch is a common method used in recreation aircraft, Microair and other brands have info on their sites. eg Microair 760P and UHF adaptor ~ http://www.microair.com.au/admin/uploads/documents/MAW1002M760PUHFAdaptor01R2.pdf
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    Anyone else having trouble accessing Jabiru?
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