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  1. Hi Group, Iv'e been tinkering and developed a simple Pilot Logbook web app that works on mobile devices, like iPhone, iPad, Android and works great on desktop computers too, an easy way to keep track of flights and you can share on Facebook / Twitter with friends. I'm in process of adding more future features, so if you want to back my project you can help fund at http://www.rockethub.com/projects/1722-ezypilot-mobile-logbook and get Free memberships in return for helping :) EzyPilot website Check out http://EzyPilot.com Happy flying Mark
  2. I have been using InstaMapper for last 12 months, works fine and u can save trip data and share.
  3. I think i remember seeing storage space under the seats in some photos once?
  4. Good story Alf, I think my wiz wing 503 would still be flying that trip if I had gone :)
  5. [YOUTUBE] <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]
  6. http://www.recreationalflying.com/forum/vbtube_show.php?do=tube&tubeid=467&name=2010-west-sale-microlight-fly#watch
  7. Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me with a question regarding rough idle speed after a flight I did today. I have a Airborne edge X with 503 rotax, it's been running fine, today it started well and I did normal warm ups and went for a local flight 80mins, cruising at 5,000 revs mostly between 1,500 - 2,000 ft, she purred like a kitten, no problems and CHT from memory seem to look usual... When I returned to circuit area I dropped down from 1,500 to 500ft pretty quickly and joined mid downwind, no problems all seemed fine. Landed and taxied back to hanger and before I turned mags off wit
  8. so it will bolt straight onto my 503 edge x Alf....ahhh I can dream :) Look forward to seeing some pics of 001 base with new SST wing attached...
  9. I have been using my car Navman in trike for last year now with MioPocket & OziExplorer loaded onto SD and relevant maps with waypoints, all works sweet with a ton of features built in (more than I need). When I want to use it in the car again, I just eject the SD card. cheers Mark
  10. A big part of the appeal microlight flying to me, is probably most of the perceived negatives associated with our sport. 1. I love that flying a microlight has nothing to do with my daily occupation, nothing to do with clients, deadlines, phone calls. 2. I love that is requires a new set of skills and knowledge which felt quite alien when I first started and required lots of focus and continued learning that never stops. 3. I love the loud roar of the 2 stoke, the basic controls and simple construction, I didn't buy the latest or newest whiz bang machine, like cars it's a personal dec
  11. maybe it just makes us trike pilots a unique bunch of folk, like our trikes... maybe we are attracted to trike flying because the trike, like us, never quite fits in with traditional thinking, its a little out of the norm or square and I like that appeal... I always had a keen interest in aviation, but the moment I saw a trike flying, that was it, I had to get me one of these... and I had to get over me initial fear of flying at the same time. I thought at the time, I'm 36, I don't have the time or money, maybe I could wait till I was older, before I took up flying, maybe when I retire I co
  12. Hey Bill, when I was learning it was more an issue for me to find a instructor. started learning in Point cook, then found an instructor near Geelong, but as everyone has busy lives, I could only train on weekends when the weather was good and my instructor was available, so it took a long time.. but I stuck with it. Both my past instructors I think are not doing much training anymore due to other commitments these days, so maybe it's getting harder for people to train or even find instructors near them? I agree with Scott, maybe people want instant gratification more quickly, maybe they wa
  13. I use the following; XC Skies Soaring Forecast Maps & Tools — XC Skies 128 km Melbourne Doppler wind & BOM wind forecasts, http://www.bom.gov.au/jsp/watl/wind/index.jsp
  14. I bought replacement visors direct from Bob Heath, his email is [email protected] From memory I received very fast from UK, and was able to pay via paypal. cheers Mark
  15. Hi Scott, Yeah take your time, you learn more when it's not a race to solo and you get to experience that bumpy stuff more and seasons. It took me a long time to solo due to work commitments but I must say it's well worth the extra hours. My trike is an Airborne 503, with wizard wing. It's a slow wing but forgiving and easy to transport. Best of luck with your training and keep nailing those landing :) cheers Mark
  16. Hi Scott, Well done, when my trike grows up one day it want's t be a Airborne XT912 Tundra :) All the best with training and touring. Mark
  17. Hi Brett, just try default setting and see how it goes. The longer between data sent the less detail you will get back, but totally up to you want you want from data.
  18. Hi Ray I have run application at normal rate and it sends data every 2 minutes, and I have a capped plan of 150mb a month, and I ran app today on 1hr flight, it used about 5mb, but if your planning a longer flight or worried about data usage you can extend the data rate longer, so it's only sending every 5 minutes for example. cheers Mark
  19. Hi Group, Flying a microlight is great fun, but I sometimes wondered if there was anything out there that could send live coordinates of where I was, in case loved one's needed to find my last where about's... I search the web, but only found things that cost an arm and leg or required annual fees... until I stumbled across a free software at InstaMapper - Free Real-Time GPS Tracking made to work on Iphone, Android & BlackBerry mobiles, I had recently purchased an Iphone and within minutes had the InstaMapper App loaded and working. All I do is switch on software app before my flight, a
  20. Long weekend Microlight fly-in at West Sale Airfield. Not much aerial footage as camera went flat :( This footage is from the Sunday mostly around the hanger, then trip from West Sale airfield to Bairnsdale Airfield in Victoria, Australia. English Watch Now!
  21. A free online planning software is Homepage | goFLYING Click on VRF route planner (interactive map link) and zoom out to disired location, then zoom in and double click to start building way points, then enter in flight details and it creates PDF and gps plans to use...
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