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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome 2 new staff members to Recreational Flying:


Carol Richards


Steve Bell


Recreational Flying has always been a non-commercial resource, a community and a means for aviators to help each other in ALL their flying endeavours...Enhanced Flying Skills, Improved Aircraft Maintenance and Increased Flying Safety, the 3 most important objectives of this site over the last 8 years as a ONE SINGLE REPOSITORY of all helpful aviation information for you on the internet...you help to achieve this by posting what you can right here at Recreational Flying


So we have started some initiatives that I hope will extend the site into helping you further.


I started aviation late in life and when I hear stories of "when my father use to take me to the airfield" or "I use to hang out at the aero club when I was young", I now realise what I missed when I was young. So I have asked Carol to explore further "The Recreational Flying Aviation Awareness Program" in Secondary Schools, targeting years 7, 8 and 9. It is proven that when young people get into aviation at an early age, they either make a career out of it or, after they meet girls/boys, have a family, they come back to flying at a much younger age. It is hoped that we at Recreational Flying can help in fostering an interest in aviation, beginning with flying recreationally, with young secondary school students and then who knows what their future will hold. Carol is working on the feasibility of what we can do as a program and even hopefully get some funding for this initiative.


What are your thoughts...please add them in the following thread for Carol to read:




Correct Maintenance of our aircraft as we know could save our life but there is also the correct "methods" used when maintaining our aircraft and knowledge in this area will never go astray. Steve Bell use to hold workshops for recreational aviators in these areas and is now planning a group of workshops that will be held around Australia for you in these areas, like he use to hold to packed out audiences. The Recreational Flying Workshop Program is another initiative that we hope you will avail yourself of for your benefit in increased knowledge about maintaining your aircraft helping you to fly safer.


What are your thoughts...what types of workshops would you be interested in...please add them in the following thread for Steve to read:




We also have some other initiatives happening that are in the early planning stages as well and we will let you know about them when we can however, if you have any ideas on what more Recreational Flying can do for you, what initiatives you would like to see explored and then perhaps provided by Recreational Flying etc, then please let me know.


Hope you find these ideas of great help and again, I would like to thank Carol and Steve for coming on-board here at Recreational Flying where we have a passion unlike anywhere else of doing what we can for YOU and ALL recreational aviators



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I reckon that's fantastic Ian. A very warm welcome to Carol and Steve as new Recreational Flying staff members.


After giving some thought to the questions you pose above I will be posting in the respective threads.





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Bloody hell! Thats the best news I have had all day! As a builder, I was deeply disappointed at the lack of technical forums at NATFLY and this is exactly what I need. I will post once I put some thoughts together.


Scotty 045_beg.gif.b05ea876053438dae8f282faacd973d1.gif



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Having had the good fortune to partake of both Ms Richards and Mr Bell's abilities and enthusiasm a few years back when they came to WA for a super-charged RAA weekend workshop, I can say that you would be hard pressed to have recruited a more knowledgeable and capable pair of mentors. Much applause to those concerned and well done Mr Baker! I shall definitely lurk/participate in their respective forums.



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