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mystery planes???


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Hello australian flyers where everything is opposite to our ways 029_crazy.gif.9816c6ae32645165a9f09f734746de5f.gif


Got some mystery planes for you. Question: did anyone over there ever see these, or flew them?


Bet not. If you're interested, let me know, I'll tell you more about them.


Safe flights to all (even upside down that is)114_ban_me_please.gif.0d7635a5d304fa7bdaef6367a02d1a75.gif4039981767.jpg.6f1eb298bfdce2eb0d4f43e6803a7028.jpg





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First pic is a modern take on the Flying Flea.Normally only 2 axis but this one appears to have ailerons as well.Can't identify the 2nd one.

got it right.It's the last one of the flying fleas series produced by the mfg co H.Mignet: the HM1100 Cordouan.



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