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Being new to these forums I find the answers I am getting to my posted Qs are real helpful; also just browsing the various topics is useful.


I want to suggest that members use this topic to post basic background on their experience by type - and their location. This will give even more relevance to the comments that we all make. Hope you agree. (A pic. or two as well would be great!)


To start it off here is mine in chronological order(A bit of breadth, but not much depth...):




<LI>Chris Stott Near Bathurst, NSW


<LI>Gliders (mainly Kookabura) 15 hours


<LI>GA PPL (mainly Piper Colt) 67 hours


<LI>Foot-launch Hang-gliders free flight (Moyes and Airborne)600+ hours


<LI>Foot-launch Hang-gliders with power 12 hours


<LI>Weight-shift 2-axisultralights (mainly Cosmos) 16 hours</LI>


Pic shows my last Moyes powered hang-glider(that I wrote off in an accident) and aGazelle visiting our farm.









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Should point out that your 'visiting Gazelle' is actually a Jabiru. ;)


°Arthur Armour, Sydney, NSW


°Models, Free Flight, Control Line, RC (just started Choppers!)


°Gliders, 260 hours, 19 types, silver C


°Hang gliders, 200 odd hours, 17 types,


°Ultralights, 1800 something hours, 59 models, Senior Instructor.


*Have flown GA and Trikes.


I'm also into building, built 5, successfully flown 2, the others actually never got finished.





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Guest ozzie

Hi Chris,


is the trike in the photo classified as a 'nanolight '?


noticed no rego numbers. what is the engine and drive make?.




Hunter Valley


Flies anything i can get my hands on.



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Thanks for posting, Arthur.


Impressive bunch of hoursyou have there.. Where do youinstruct? H. Park, The Oaks......?


You are obviously a very patient person - just checked your 'build' photos; wow - that is doing it 'long-hand'.. Guess it's satisfying, but I wouldnt have the stamina...


BTW: You are right (of course) about the Jab. in my picture; I had both Jab and Gazelle visit 2 weeks apart, and had got it wrong in posting my pic. (Will have to change my sig. panel now!)




Chris bushpilot



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So what is your TT?


That is indeed a 'nanolight'; it's a regular hang-gliding wing (Moyes CX5) over Airtime trike base with Radne engine.


It was an'experiment' of mine that failed.. The performance of the wing was too high for this set-up; it was designed to be a foot-launch high-end competition wing and was inherently unstable, even in its intended application.


On a flight from my strip I gota cross wind gust just after TO, pulled the bar in (nose down) and inadvertently gotsome PIO (pilot induced oscillation) going - and buried it with about 15o nose down.Demolished the trike base, bent wing frame (altho 90mm diam. carbon fibrecrossbarseemed OK) and bent my body up a bit (100% recovery).


After thatI decided to let others do the design and testing work....







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Rob L




GA 120 hrs, PPL


Piper Cherokee 140


Piper Archer 181


Piper Arrow 2


RAA 110 Hrs




as for Building. have a set of Cri Cri plans in the office


and waiting for property sale to purchase a Savannah kit



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CPL (Frozen ATPL)/ GA Instructor (lapsed) / MECIR (lapsed)


1200 Hours


100 hours UL












Various time on Singles, mainly C206


My UL ride is a Tecnam which is a lot of fun - just need more spare time to fly it.


No experience in building anything that flies but it is starting to take my interest as a future project. Looking forward to getting to fly a Trike.


Paul Willett



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Gregg, Port Macquarie NSW (formerly Canberra)


Own: Drifter 912


Also fly: A22 Foxbat, Cessna 172, Cessna 152


Have flown: Lightwing (trike and tail), Jabiru, Gazelle, Sportstar


Hours: not enough yet.


Ambition: UL Instructor rating


Handicap: $$$$$$


Also like: Motorcycling, women and alcohol (not necessarily in that order)


Next aircraft: Hmmmmm, Sting Carbon, Texan or Sportstar.keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif



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Guest babs1aus

Paragliders around 1500 hrs


Hang gliders around 1200 hrs


Ga 4


Raaus 200 hrs


Favourite hang glider was a KISS


Favourite Paraglider was a Tricell Very early foot lanch type 3:1


Favourite GA Yak


Favourite RAAusSkyboy mainly as its mine and just fun.


Want to try a Nanolight I have toyed with the idea of building one.



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Matt, Canberra (formerly of Melbourne)


Own: Evektor Sportstar


Have flown: Gazelle, Jabiru, Piper Warrior, Piper Aztec, Yak-52, Tiger Moth, Winjeel, CT4, FA-18 (simulator @ Tindal )


Total Hours: 300


GA Hours: 75


RAA Hours: 225



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Wow - Is there some serious experience assembling here!


It 's great to see so many pilots that have tried a wide range of aerial pursuits. I figure diversity, in our sport, is the best form of experience - with each category, and type within it, having their own characteristics and learning challenges.


Any gal pilotsout there??





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Last time I looked I was not a girl.


Started flying in 1978, been AG flying since.


Started ultralight flying around 1980 when it first kicked off, have done a bit since.


Got a few hours ultralight, a few more in bigger stuff.



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Guest Fred Bear

Well I started in2000 and have flown mostly private with a small amount of commercial in there too for the odd job, but it's not my full time job so it could have been a lot more. There's no money in being a commercial pilot unless it's with Qantas and I actually want my own life!


I have :


UL: 793


GA: 498


Total: 1291 approx


Aircraft types I have flown include


UL's: Gazelle, Skyfox, CT2K, Allegro, Sting, Sportstar, Foxbat, Lightwing, Titan, Edge Trike,Jab-LSA55, JabSP, J160, J200, J230.


GA: J400, J430, C172, C182, C206,Cirrus SR20, Cirrus SR22, Vans RV6, (tw), Vans RV8 (t/w), GA8 Airvan, PA34 Seneca, PA31-350.


Rotorwing - Robinson 44 - Nice, but too darn expensive!


There's probably a few more in there, but I can't think of them right now. Choppers are nice but tooexpensive. I highly recommend giving a chopper a try when you have some spare cash - say a TIF orwhatever. Would have liked more twin time, but it doesn't excite me overly. Have had more issues in a twin, so just as much prefer singles. Twins can be complicated and things happen a lot faster, for example renewing your MECIR in a PA31 in an NBD when you stuff up at over 170 knots...


Favourite aircraft... hmmm... probably the Cirrus SR22. I like the power that this baby has. Over 300hp. You CAN actually take 4 people, luggage AND fuel in this aircraft and it still climbs at over 1,000 fpm at MTOW! The RV8 is a nice machine for Aero's though; I like the RV's overall. It takes a lot to get me excited and the Cirrus does that nicely. Am yet to get a spin in the Lancair Columbia - will be interested to see how that compares to the Cirrus.



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Guest ozzie

Hi Chris, i wastrying to be a little humble in my hrs and experience


i have about 500 hrs in HGs early day Cohen kites '76/78


about 50 hrs in PGs(some in Italy) some using my skydive canopy


worked with Steve Cohen for years andbuilt heaps af stolaeros/condors, Thrusters up until the first certified Gemini


Built a few Lazairs and have just finished a rebuild of one logged 780hrs in 14 types from 1977. self taught.


After Thrusters moved up to GA as AME for 10 yrs or so and worked on lots oftin cans, but mainly Nomads, a turbine beaver,Porter, did some rotary wing work R22 Bell47. I failed my senior com medical in 81 so never bothered with a ppl butended up with about 400hrs of right hand seat time made up of 40 hrs nomads, 55hrs t/beaver, couple in the porter, lots in the cessnas warriors and whatever else i got my hands on. but the cream was when an Aeropelican (ansett) twin otter turned up at the drop zone i never kept count of how many truckloads of jet i pumped into those 3 otters over the next six years but i ended up with over 300 hrs of qualty time.lots of ferry flights to drop zonesas far away as katherine, ramblers and others,lots of 24 minute round trips to fl140.52 hrs night, always flew some instrument time on each trip, lots of great experiences like flying in command with another otter and a DC3 at 15000 ft, cpt could not see from his seat.


I also had a habit of wandering around the airport after work and would buy an hour in something interesting or jump a flight somewhere, goes on and on. i've tried to keep a log of it all but somethings best remain a smile. also worked for a pretty busy airport in nth qld for 4 yrs. the whole craziness started in '76 when i bought myself a skydive and first plane ride for my birthday, well one thing led to another took 26 yrs and a eighteen hundred jumps to grow out of it.i really enjoy aviationand love my Lazair.shame "world events" have changed things so much.




aka, Robes,





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It is great to see so much high level experience here at the forums by "REAL" Pilots -you guysensure that posts here can be believed by having the knowledge and experience to back them up helping to keep us all safe and enjoying our flying - keep it up and thanks!


As for myself:


Name: Ian Baker


Age: 47 now smiley19.gif


Live: Watsonia, Melbourne


Own: Gazelle and CTsw (just sold the CT and are waiting on delivery of new one)


Flown: Gazelle, CTsw, Jabiru, Piper Archer, Cessna C-172


Certified: Gazelle, CTsw, Jabiru


Home Airports: Shepparton and Point Cook


License: RA-aus Pilot Certificate, X-Country, Passenger, Radio endorsements


Hours: Scared to count due to hrs x cost = unhappy wife


Current Study: PPL


Interests: Apart from flying for "real" - flight simming and the RA-aus



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With all this experience around I'm starting to feel a little intimidated! but hey, maybe i got a claim to be the worlds slowest learner.


First flight, August 1960. Location, RAF Chivenor, Devon, UK. Aircraft DH C1. P I C, some poor fighter pilot on a refresher course conned into giving a bunch of spotty 14 year old cadets their first taste of aviation. I still think this was the most exciting 15 minutes of my life.


Big gap to 2000, I'm sure I'm not alone, kids, mortgages, etc., permission granted from the keeper of the coffers and I'm back. I cannot recount all the obsticles that cropped up but it took about three years to get to GFPT and another three to get where I am today. So farI havejust under 100 hours up. The break up is:-


GA. About 70. Mainly Piper PA 38 and PA 28


but also Citabria 2 Hrs, Tiger Moth (DH 82A) .5 and my favorite DHC1 (this time sitting in the front seat) 1 Hr.


UL. Jabiru 20 hours and my latest achievment Lightwing tailwheel4hrs, solo even!


Ok so it took some time but I'm getting there and I love it!!!!





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What an interesting lot of flyers you are. I started in 1968 in Cherokee 140's in Mackay then C150 and 172 at Grovedale in Vic, Victa's in Whyalla and Latrobe Valley, with short forays in Chipmunk and Fairchild Argus.


The Argus seemed to use as much oil as fuel and during conversion I was asked where I proposed landing if I had an engine failure. the instructor wasn't impressed when I chose the Warragamba Lion Park.


I did a few flights in the original Kookaburra glider but it was crashed before I could solo.


Lately it has been all ultralight, starting with Lightwing and Skyfox, then Thruster and now a Corby Starlet.


Pick of the bunch is the Corby or the Chipmunk. There are a few others along the way including a 7Tu but that doesn't have an engine and is launched by jumping out of an aeroplane. (parachute)


Home field is Rodds Bay just East of Gladstone where there are 8 other aircraft, all RAA registered.



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