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Introducing my baby

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Well, I finally got there.


After 30,000 extra k's on the Territory going to Taree every spare minute, expensive time away from work, much blood and sweat (no tears yet), it's in one piece.


And what a piece it is. I'm very happy with the result (understatement of epic proportions). If it flies as well as I think it looks, it will fly like a very flyee thing.


Introducing, my Cheetah.


[ATTACH]4360.vB[/ATTACH] There's a couple of things not done for these shots because this was between showers. Most noticably the strobes, wing to fuse rubber seals and wing-walks (funny because I spent many nights sleeping in the back of the car at a rest stop called Wang Wauk).


[ATTACH]4361.vB[/ATTACH] Garry made this prop and painted it black to surprise me. I love it.


[ATTACH]4362.vB[/ATTACH] A teaser of the seats.


[ATTACH]4363.vB[/ATTACH] Gerry the graphics guy made my vision for the Cheetah a reality. He did an awesome job.


[ATTACH]4364.vB[/ATTACH] The spats aren't firmly in place here. The brakes still needed bleeding and I'm waiting on better tyres.




[ATTACH]4366.vB[/ATTACH] Pylon500's hangar and house in the background. See what I mean about the weather?


[ATTACH]4367.vB[/ATTACH] The brothers cowering in the hangar.




[ATTACH]4369.vB[/ATTACH] These seats are as comfy as they look. I was most impressed with the upholstery guy.




[ATTACH]4371.vB[/ATTACH] A temporary marine compass up top. The real deal is coming soon. The cockpit and panel came together just the way I wanted. I plan to spend many a blissful hour in here.




So there it is. There wasn't enough sun to really show off the paint. It glows.


Final inspection was perfect.


It weighed in at 267 Kgs. That's 12 Kg lighter than Garry's original which surprised everyone because mine has a few extras here and there. We think most of it is the quality paint. A lot lighter than the enamel Garry used. Gives me lots of usable load. It has plenty of storage space forward and aft to fill. If it's just me and a full load of fuel (95lt) I have to make sure I have everything stored in the forward hold to keep the C of G within limits.


Approval was given for a ferry flight to Goulburn - hopefully next weekend. First flight should be Tuesday if I can get the paperwork sorted. If that all goes well, Wannabigaplane will fly me up in his Tornado on Saturday (thanks again Jack) because I'm back in Canberra this week. Garry has volunteered to do the flight testing (wouldn't have it any other way).


[big Kev mode]


I'm excited!


[/big Kev mode]


Coming soon to an airport near you. See you all then.































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Guest David C

One very "cool " looking airplane . You must be very proud and pleased . Well done mate , a real beauty . Fly safe , and hope to catch up with you soon .




Dave C



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Congratulations Ross. Your work is an inspiration to the many would-be builders lurking in dark corners and trying to work out how to convince our better half this would be a great investment of time and money. I imagine you'll have a grin you can't shave off every time you fly, especially your first fly-in as you hop out of your new kool kitty. Fly safe and we look forward to many reports.





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Thanks everyone. Yes - the grin is permanent. I'm chuffed you guys like it too. I thought it may be just me.


HPD - yes there are paw prints under the rego. I carried the motif through to the seat backs too.


Geoff - Mildura is definitely on the list.


Sain and Matt - Goulburn will be home, hopefully starting Sunday. So I'll be there alright.


We even flushed out a lurker. Nice to see you Chird65.


Thanks again for the kind words. I hope to show you all the kool kitty (cute name Pete) in person sometime soon.







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Guest Fred Bear

Ross. Finally mate! I know you have been waiting can we say, 'so bad'? Well worth the wait. I like it. Leaves some food for thought for other Cheetah owners to follow. Now that you will be only down the rd (as the Cheetah flies) expect you at The Oaks soon. I think the call sign should be 'Cat 5151. Enjoy Ross and congrats mate ;)



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Guest Flyer40

So it's official, Morgan Aero Works produce the coolest aircraft in Australia.


Awesome looking plane Ross.


I'm looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, and going for that ride.





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Well done, one exceptional looking pleasure machine. I am certain pleasure = looks which means you wil get a imense amount of pleasure out of flying this aircraft. After the hard work it will be well deserved . Happy cloud chasing.


Cheers Helmut.



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Great looking airplane Ross - are you going to trot it out for us all to drool over at the Chrissy BBQ (12pm Saturday Dec 22nd at Goulburn - all welcome)?



Barby sounds great, I should be there that weekend just before Xmas packing up the trike to tow home and then to Taree Xmas night to start the coastal run to Evans Head.


Weather permitting on the day we'll fly in for the Barby.







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