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Lowering Class E between Melbourne and Cairns


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Just now, SplitS said:

I would love a FAR part 103 lets go old school. Duck (auto-corrected word) CASA they don't care about Rec aviation or my safety, they care about continuing to strengthen their bureaucracy. The further they are from my plane the safer I would be.

Come on down brother, I and lots of others are hearing ya 🙂

This post should make the CASA lunchroom today, I will open my house windows to hear them all laughing 🙂 

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As materials have got better stronger and lighter a Part 103 aircraft is an option in the US for anyone who doesn't want to go through all the rigmarole of licences, registration or even training.


Check out this all metal Part 103 Merlin lite. The only problem is you can have a door or a cowl but not both.



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For what it’s worth.......this is the reply from the EAA about Part 103 training......


Hi Jack,
Thanks for the email. We do not have any Part 103 flying schools. No training or pilot certification is required for Part 103, nor is there any flight instructor designation for training people to fly under Part 103. 

Rather, the best one can do to receive training to fly an ultralight is to find a FAA certificated sport pilot flight instructor training in a N-numbered light-sport aircraft. Someone could choose to complete the sport pilot training testing and receive a sport pilot certificate if they want to, but it is not required. Rather, one could receive just enough training so they and their instructor feel are adequate to fly under Part 103 safely. 

EAA has collected information from sport pilot flight instructors and put the information online at this link, www.eaa.org/instructorsYou can search by state, for example select California from the drop down menu. Each instructor has an indication if they are willing to help someone learn to fly an ultralight and if they have a plane availble to the student for training. Someone wanting to fly an ultralight would want to find an instructor which had a plane available that has low mass and high drag ultralight like flight characteristics. 

Non citizens wanting to train in the U.S. must go thru the Alien flight flight student program requirements, by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Here is a link to the TSA web site that describes this requirement that the student and instructor must complete before any training can be conducted. https://www.flightschoolcandidates.gov/home 

I hope this helps.

Timm Bogenhagen
Member Programs Specialist
Ultralight & Light Plane Community Manager
EAA 379292
P: 920-426-6831
W: www.EAA.org

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