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Popular Kit Aircraft

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I am trying to compile a list of the top 20 aircraft kits - both RAAus and SAAA - I have listed 26 and would like to know what you think are the top 20 most popular aircraft kits - thanks!














Corby Starlet




































Terrier 200





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Guest palexxxx

What about Velocity (canard pusher)


Cozy IV Aircraft (another canard pusher)


Falco Furio


Rans aircraft


Vans aircraft



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Guest pelorus32

There are at least 10 SG Aviation/Stormaircraft a/c on the register and around an equal number in build at the moment.







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Guest palexxxx

I know that Nestor Slepcev has left Australia and returned to his homeland of Serbia. Is the Slepcev Storch that he was making here still available now? He's still making and selling them in Serbia but does he still have an agent in Australia?



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Guest Wingman98

What about the Rand KR group of aircraft? The KR1, KR2 and KR2S? Been around for about 30 years and still selling well. And, if you are frugal with your construction, it can be built and flying for under $15000.



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Guest David C

There's the Sadler Vampire , a model currently under active construction , and lets not forget the good old KR2 and its many variants .


Dave C



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zenith's various: ch601, ch701,ch801,ch 650,ch 750 etc


hummelbirds various: hummelbird, ultracruiser, ultracruiser plus


jdt's various: max103s, mini-max1100s 1500Rs 1600Rs 1650R Euros, 1700R Hi-Max etc


australian aircraft kits various: wasp, hornet


murphy aircraft various: rebel, moose, renegade etc (pretty sure not RA-AUS - i've never looked at the specs))


aeroprakt: foxbat a22


I believe Kitplanes magazine publishes a list of all kit and plans built aircraft - might be a bit of bother to figure out which ones would comply with RA-AUS rules or SAAA.


Upcoming, but not kits (or plans) yet (i think):


Plyon500's LR-2 (I love the shape of this beastie!)


Bruce King's BK-1.3


Bob Hoover's Chugger



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We have quite a list here, just about every kit plane one can buy. I think some-one needs to sit down an find the number of individual types being built so the the popularity of each type can be assessed. Only then will the thread title be justified.



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Guest Redair

Oh come on.... what about Savannah? There must be millions of them out there now! (OK, well at least 10:laugh:).





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Guest grostek

What about the Evans VP1, so simple might as well produce the "kit" in your garage and then build the aircraft.


Kind regards,





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What about the Eurofox kit (known as Aerotrek in North America to avoid confusion with the Kitfox)? And, now that Skyranger is an official supporter of recreationalflying.com, we had better include that kit as well. 022_wink.gif.2137519eeebfc3acb3315da062b6b1c1.gif


There are many hundreds of Eurofox/Airtrek and Skyranger kits successfully flying around the world but I'm not sure how many of then are Downunder.


Realistically, the Top 20 kits target should be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to 30 or 40 because aviators are rather choosey and there are so many different ships to suit their tastes and requirements. Twenty is too small a list size for us recreational flyers.



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in the GA Catagorie, Vans RV's would have to be the most popular by far.in RAAus, Jabiru would be near the top, ICP Savannah would be up there also, quite a few getting around now.

The top dozen RA-Aus flying in Australia (with New Zealand "microlight" numbers in RED) are:


Jabirus 755 (NZ 24)


Other manufacturers of note are:


Airborne (trikes) - 234 (NZ 25)


Aerochute (powered parachutes) - 215 (NZ 11)


Tecnam - 132 (NZ 77)


ICP (mostly Savannahs) - 125 (NZ 8)


Thruster - 115 (NZ 26)


Skyfox - 105 (NZ 1)


Austflight (Drifters) - 98 (NZ 1)


Howard Hughes (Lightwings) - 97 (NZ 1)


Zenith/Zodiac - 76 (NZ 57)


Aeroprakt (Foxbats) - 68 (NZ 4)


(Micro Aviation Bantams in NZ = 131)


(Source: http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/number-of-jabirus-and-others-in-raaus.3Of c7569/page-2)


Of course, not all are kits. Nor does past take up rates of aircraft indicate present popularity but it gives a reasonable indication.



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