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  1. So, say I wanted to finish my RPC + NAV and then convert to RPL, the process would then be the same to add floats and tailwheel later?
  2. I was told by someone in the higher ups at RAAus that he's moving on to greener, non-aviation pastures. Hopefully whoever takes his position next will be someone who actually has an aviation background.
  3. Cars - I administer a car forum with 25,000 members and 4.6m posts. Technology - love tinkering with computers and electronics. TV/Movies - I spend a fair bit of time on the couch Beer - A bit of a snob in this respect. I participate in like-minded discussion groups Food - I didn't stack on the weight over the last 2 years from eating garbage!
  4. I'm in the Alpha program for it, and am really excited to see how it turns out when it's finished. The current builds are simply gorgeous, although missing some features (which is to be expected in Alpha stages). I struggle to see myself continuing to use X-Plane once it's finished and third parties start developing for it.
  5. Settle down. You said: Which I take to mean as it may not be able to be uploaded as an attachment to the forum. If you want to share it as your post came across, it'll need to be hosted somewhere for people to access it. If this thread is simply a statement of something you've achieved, forget I said anything.
  6. I'd be interested in taking a look if you wouldn't mind. I can also host it for others if you were so inclined.
  7. Ian, It's an all too common story when it comes to forums these day - as the older members give up on the hobby which a forum is based around, they're not being replaced by younger members because it's so much easier to just post a question on Facebook, even if it has been asked a million times before, rather than join and search a forum that's overflowing with knowledge. From my late teenage years, I took over ownership of a large model-specific automotive forum, which was also IPS based. I kept it alive for about 7 years following the ownership change, but I took the wheel right as Fac
  8. No, RAAus certificates are not recognised outside of Australia
  9. Late to this thread, but Eugene is not standing down - he's required to stand again for his position as it has been 3 years since he was elected. Unsure about the others.
  10. I live spitting distance from YMLT, but I fly out of George Town. But yeah, apparently the other end of the state to yourself. Thanks for the warm welcome!
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