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  1. Cooko

    Drifter brakes

    If not, you can still get them relined. I have had golf cart shoes and a 1940's motorcycle shoes relined.
  2. Their population must also be a lot lighter than ours!
  3. F10, as you mentioned you have c150 experience. As there are c150's on the raa register, I believe you should just need to do the paperwork and maybe a checkride. See the raa operations manual under equivalent experience.
  4. Wasn't there more than a few 10 reg sapphires?
  5. Oxygen sensors will fail after a short time of being exposed to lead. You will therefore be limiting yourself to Mogas.
  6. I am sorry, perhaps I have the wrong end of the stick here? But someone is presenting a situation where they dont yet have a license/permit, is going to relocate so as to not get caught flying illegally. And people here not only support this but are recommending low level ops as a way to justify it if questioned. I am not going mad am I? This is really happening!
  7. On sunday in victoria we were about to move into a society where your movement will be completely restricted except for a few prescriptive exceptions as detailed by the state. By monday we had moved to an alternate strategy where the status quo remains but groups of activities are progressively deemed illegal. Flying a plane has not yet been deemed as such.
  8. As someone who is new to the scene and therefore does not understand the system, why can't RAA provide some server space? The annual membership used to provide a hard copy magazine did it not? Then digital, now nothing. Surely they could see the value?
  9. Still smiling. It makes my family uneasy though! They think I am up to something.
  10. Hello everybody. I have been lurking for a while and have enjoyed and benefited from your opinions and advice. I fly out of yleg (leongatha) in a c150 and and despite the weather over the last 9 months, today i did my 1st solo. After over 25 years of procrastination I am both overjoyed and a little dismayed that i did not pursue this sooner. However at 43 I still have a few good years left in me. I had initially planned to go raa in a j170 but then i discovered a closer alternative in a similarly priced GA. I see myself reverting to raa as a more financially sustainable option in the medium te
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