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  1. it is "as simple as that"....RAA pilots openly whinge having to pay a fee, all other users know RAA generally get away with non payments. The bulk of GA pay, and yes "some" evade. Councils will seek a better way to get users paying, cameras being one. When........RAA are told to rack off, with appropriate legislations by councils, then RAA pilots will say WTF, we just stuffed ourselves. Most councils are strapped for funds, most see airstrips as a burden to them, can see councils simply closing strips, or banning non VH aircraft totally as some are now doing. RAA pilots should be encouraging councils to embrace RAA pilots, not p!ssing councils off. Continue the line of " we won't pay fees".....then your days are numbered.
  2. yawn.......only a matter of time with all the moaning about landing fees and RAA aircraft reluctant to pay, that councils and the like will simply deny access to all RAA unless they ( RAA pilots ), conform to the requirement. When that happens, and it will, then you'll have something to really bitch about. Personally if i'm asked to pay a fee, i'm only too happy to, for the "priviledge" of using someones elses property ( council ) RAA pilots want to be real carefull they don't end up shooting themselves in the foot re this matter. Just last yr we needed to refuel enroute, ersa said non VH registered were denied use, after protracted tooing and fro, i managed to get ongoing use as required. ( they were ANTI RAA ) i now treat that permission with great care. The GA pilots know RAA evade these fees, and it rightfully erks them, my guess they feedback to local councils etc re this matter.
  3. wagners have a HUGE cement plant pinkenba, brisbane. Right opposite boral usg.
  4. always...always ring ahead and get "first hand updates" etc. Especially out of the way places. Trust ERSA at your peril, and i know. ( victim ) While i'm on it, carry a cheque book, if bowser swipe is down, refuellers usually will come at no expense and bypass system to fuel you, you pay cheque.
  5. maaate........ring them, not hard
  6. 2 as new headsets, blue tooth, wireless, EQ plug in jacks, bags. Pull your existing headsets out, plug in jacks,all good to go.....easy as. Cost $2400 complete, sell $1700 neg. 0418276747
  7. Gandy, Gandy.......my post was "disrespectful, lacked common decency" However, I'm chuffed the " no votes" got thumped by the " yes vote" , I believe 80% better. Now.....let's move forward.
  8. Long time back I witnessed a " filling " fire, hence forth I connect jerrycan to aircraft via cable. ( 2 alligator clips on length of auto wire )
  9. the ducks out there, would be insulted by that. ( i will opologise to them on your behalf........)
  10. Anjum......there you go, jab have some faults, but assistance/ advise etc is not one of them. Hec......they even loaned me a radio few weeks back. One thing tho........I hope you don't think coz you have a " turn indicator " you can use it as an aid ( loss of horizon/ cloud/ rain ) etc etc......you will surely come unstuck. Loosing your ground references is for the higher trained/ equiped pilots.
  11. All this " might be this...might be that ".... just maybe, a call to jab could reveal the answer. I've found every single time I've dealt with them, it's been a good experience.
  12. spoke to a "well qualified " person re "returning oil"......absolutely not a problem here, couple of reasons.....canister and contents are near on engine core heat, at shutdown any residue retained oils would be drained back to sump while still HOT.... oils are changed at 25hr intervals.......he did mention, from time to time good housekeeping would be to remove canister and give it a good washout.
  13. Now allows me to run higher oil levels ( bit higher anyway ) on long trips/legs. Prior to this the engine would spit out oil to just on the dipstick ( it's sweet spot ) so in my view during loong legs, actual oil usage begins at the real low point, as 80..100ml has been pumped out. This worried me.....low oil in the sump. As to "tinkering etc" as 7252 raises........maate, if i was to stick 12ply tyres on...........the reply would be in the negative from jab. ( many guys, i repeat many guys, have over the yrs changed "things" on their jab.......proven by faultless hrs of operation, and the benifits gained as well.......and jab poo poo the bloody lot ) How many times has the discussion been around of jab and their stubinous ( where's me spell check thingo ?? )to ANY changes.........the most recent jab / camit saga. ( camit have done some tweeks etc to the basic jab.........bingo, from All reports......a damn good engine. And jab won't have a bar of it.