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  1. shafs64

    Tell us about your last flight

    Nice video. I was checking out all the cane farms i take fuel too
  2. shafs64

    GPS guided Terrorist Drones

    Or get yourself a egle. they like attacking drones. And i only watch the ABC so i am not exposed to the murdoch fake news
  3. shafs64


    Yes it was a good outcome for local flying.
  4. shafs64


    Did the local mackay guys see the news story about ball bay private airstrip. Mackay council has given the owner permission for ten to twenty movements a day and some of the local are not happy campers.
  5. shafs64

    Thruster Photos

    Some one had a thruster on face book in mackay for sale.
  6. shafs64

    Across Australia - Katanning to Kingaroy

    great video and music
  7. shafs64

    Thruster Photos

    Hi kasper thanks for the info. i knew very little about the aircraft as i didn't own very long and was. but i was aware that he was a short wing version. I am going to call the holbrook club to see who owns it now.
  8. shafs64

    Calling all Queenslanders

    We just had the QLD election and they had people wearing shirts saying we don't care who you vote for as long as you put Pauline's party last.
  9. shafs64

    Guess the airport terminal

    No LOL I am doing a road trip. So I have been looking at regional airports along the way. And here is one from the local flying school at Moree
  10. You could be mistaken that this picture is from the sixties. Let’s see who know what airport it is.
  11. have a read of this ebay add. ultralight aircraft | eBay
  12. shafs64


    Is savannah 7753 from the school.
  13. How many Australians have died by the hands of terroists compared to the amount of people who die at work. And if you want to talk about waste let’s talk about f35s
  14. shafs64

    CASA hiring

    what about growth in GA
  15. shafs64

    CASA hiring