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  1. I really hope they use him to spread the word about what happened to him.
  2. In the hanger parked next to the aircraft i hire is a the aircraft of a former well know forum member who we lost a few years ago. And that helps reminds me to be safe.
  3. I am sure Bob now regrets taking to the posing as a journalist.
  4. This will a difficult start to some young peoples working life with no jobs and a big dept.
  5. Thanks i will see what i can get from the aircraft division of bunnings
  6. Hi just wanted to know what people use to clean there aircraft winds and what is safe to use on perspex.
  7. After flying with the center stick for three hour now i really don't notice any difference. but the flap handle will take some more work to get on top of.
  8. OK thanks. also see what you mean by those short control sticks.
  9. It would be good when i am in Brisbane for an aircraft to hire. now that i am a sav convert i will say that i am lucky that the only aircraft for hire in mackay is a sav.
  10. Sorry did you say he wants to get rid of the jabs? So the sav is popular at the school. I also like that that they award people there wings. you don't see that much at flight schools.
  11. I think they need to update there site. on what aircraft they have for hire.
  12. Hi Kyle who has the sav online ?
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