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  1. What will happen is that the proposal will get accepted in a modified form. It will then be tweaked slowly over time until the original is applied. This is a solution that is looking for a problem. The current system is working well. If class "E" base is increased to 10,000, and ADSB above 5000, then it would be workable.
  2. Good afternoon Airservices thanks all aviation industry stakeholders for their continued interest in the initial proposal to lower the base of Class E airspace. We are continuing to work on how best to revise our proposal, taking into consideration all of the industry feedback we received. We plan to provide the details of the revised proposal to industry shortly. This information package will include detailed airspace design for the revised proposal, surveillance and communication coverage charts, and we will seek further industry feedback on the revised proposal.
  3. Tested Battery and solenoid on mine, and were OK. Engine was cranking weakly. Turned out to be the starter motor brushes (Very worn). Denso part 028510-0651 brush plate fit in mine. Lots of carbon inside the starter to be cleaned. (Arcing out the communicator I guess) Bearings and seals were OK. Not sure what Rotax charges for set of brushes. Cranks as good as new now.
  4. Welcome. Hope to catch up with you. Are you re-learning? or just investigating.
  5. I am not doing this "Test" out of protest. I did a L1 maintenence course at Boonah a few years back, Which has the ops managers signature on it, and RAAUS Letterhead. I built my aircraft, which has flown for 12 years now. Then they tell me I need to do an online course, with NO practical component??? This is box-ticking.
  6. Bankstown in 1972 in a PA-28 at Cheiftain Aviation. (I think there is a burger joint where it used to be). Then you do silly things like get married and buy a house, so no money for a while. Then again in 2002 at YCAB in a Gazelle.
  7. Boycott the ASIC. Plan flights to non security airports. Give them your fuel money.
  8. I'm not in favour of being forced to pay for airfields. I'm tired of politics, and B.S, so bought a paddock, and mow it myself. All are welcome for a coffee. Possibly what we need is a list of "Ultralight Friendly Paddocks". RAAUS is becoming expensive as it is.
  9. I still have original brakes after 1100 Hours. Trellborg tires on the mains, but these are a bit wide for the nose-wheel. I'm still on the original pads, with plenty life left on them. The original ventilated rotors wore out before the pads, so I had some cut from 304 stainless. I use dexron ATF in the master cylinders, as it is mineral based and doesn't draw moisture. Be careful not to overfill the master cylinders, as they will overflow. I've never had an issue with the brakes, and don't plan to change them.
  10. Yeah. Theres not much space. I used the door stop foam tape from the junk shop. It's very soft and doesnt push hard. I noticed some minor chafing on the skins at 800 hrs, while replacing the fuel lines. My tanks were both the same so I was lucky.
  11. I found it wise to put some strips of soft foam tape on top of the tanks. It stops chafing fron the top wing skins.
  12. Mine is an early savannah (Standard) with slats. 294KG empty, as on the last W & Balance.
  13. Always checked mine on a pre-flight. Only recently discovered 1 rivet head missing. There were no signs of any fretting or movement. The Early savannas like mine, used countersunk rivets and domed them with the riveter. This probably weakens the head of the rivet. I Replaced them ALL with domed avex rivets, and just keep an eye on them.
  14. I have used the Lightspeed Zulu headsets for a few years now. In a noisy aircraft, they are excellent, especially on a long trip. The service is excellent. They replaced the cables on my 4 year old units under warranty. I could not go back to the old style headsets.
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