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  1. I have a photocopier and I can cut it back a bit less than $ 50 / A4 sheet (A3 a bit extra) ............................... if there is any work out there ?
  2. ppfffttttttt Queensland the smart state - a coal fired inter planetary rocket might win us back some credibility ...................
  3. 5,000,000 barrels of aviation gas a day - or thereabouts
  4. don't worry about it, just build it and go fly langted do you know of intumescent paints - don't know how they would peform in aviation and as a top coat on your fire wall - see link below ? http://www.permax.com.au/intumescent-information?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrueMyZzu3wIVRAwrCh22ZAITEAAYAyAAEgI1RfD_BwE
  5. merry xmas under duress Franco .................. long live the retail cash register
  6. at gympie queensland we have a small aerodrome - a tarmac strip and a grass x strip, a taxiway and parking, the obligatory bog, a fuel facility, about 30 hangars (6 commercial) - probably 70 planes, avgas and mogas, coffee and about 50 grumpy aero club members. The facility is superb and is the biggest aviation hub for the shire. I guess future expansion will come from the sunshine coast creeping this way (and subsequent pressure on their aviation facilities) The council want to involve themselves in aviation matters - it is their ? land after all - this might be a good thing - I personally believe their aviation consultant (s) ? are suggesting things that do little but muck around with things that are adequate - the latest list from Council is below in the quote marks I understand a consultant needs to suggest and change to justify a fee 'START Good afternoon Following a comprehensive analysis of the aerodrome project by Council staff and external consultants, Council at its Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday, 12 December 2018, resolved to undertake further investigations regarding future economic opportunities for the aerodrome prior to any major investment decisions being made. As a result, the planned parallel taxiway or glider strip improvements will not be proceeding at this stage. As safety is of paramount importance, Council has committed funds to the following works and investigations in the financial year ending 30 June 2019: · Threshold relocation · Installation of flush gable markers · Aircraft Parking · Fencing and signage · Construction of an Aerodrome Reporting Officer’s office · Runway Regrade design. Should you wish discuss the above matters further, please contact me on 07 5481 0759. Kind regards ................. END' some of it looks like fantasy land - fencing (the whole perimeter - who knows) (signage - don't stick your hand in the propeller) (reporting office (cash register and boom gate)) - authorities must be seen to be doing something but sometimes the best course of action is to take a rest and stop spending money ? - and yes to a degree they are n't spending money on site (just shuffling paper) - what say you about the above ? - are there similar tales to tell - how were they solved (there is probably no solution) - are there any aviation consultants out there that are versed in provincial aerodromes ? - the old question - can a council kill an airport - do they have the legislative clout to do this - does a council have to keep an aerodrome operational ?
  7. Poteroo's insights I believe are correct - if you train as an electrician to rewire a light switch with a screwdriver it does n't mean you are more receptive to poking your finger into the danger zone I don't believe there should be any statutory requirement for additional training - leave me alone - I got my bloody license - I like many others try and stay current as best we can. A similar example of that is road user behaviour ............................. (no expansion required) - we should be careful about additional requirements - watch out - I can just imagine the day that every 2 year period we will have to have done 5 hours of meetings / training in front of the executive and they will extol their virtues for us to hear - proof of how fantastic everything is (BFR's excluded) - its called CPD - continuing professional development - cynical - yep However, I've never asked this, but if there was a designated low flying zone in my area - and I could go there and watch some trees and hills whizzing past and do it solo - I'd be first there - but first I'd get checked out by my instructor in any case we all low fly - every time we takeoff and land - and ironically we do 90 turns next to that glass ceiling (500 feet - or is it 600 feet ?)
  8. nice one .................. 2.45 kilos as well .............. that's probably history being made
  9. ............. very low level flight
  10. yes crayon box - maryborough airport is an incredible asset no doubt airport users have racked their brains trying to figure out how to pump more life into it - I think there is a proposed air park - perhaps council could raffle an allotment to get things going ?)
  11. he could write a good book with a lot of interesting incidences
  12. my comment ................ its a joke at anyone's subjectivity I think instead of triangles they should have hexagons or even circles