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Gyrocopter crash in Victoria

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I said "any stigma" meaning "any chance of a stigma" or "no chance of criticising"..........and that applies to the aircraft type, the pilots, the culture.

"any stigma".......suggests...to me, that there was negative ??? regarding gyros/asra management. Be assured, asra are hell bent on demanding the highest levels of training, the weeding out of the cowboys, they even ban ( registration ) any import machine that doesn't meet asra minimum standards. One, manufacturer ( big ) fought tooth and nail with asra, refusing to redesign a matter......that manufacturer conceded, all's good now.


The days of "home built" are near gone, turn key is the preferred. Most........imported.


Comparing yrs back to today.........is like chalk to cheese. gyros are regularly now, covering huge miles travelling about Oz. Just mth or 2 ago, 3 guys racked up 7000 miles on a trek. ( no big deal.....it's frequent now )


Latest designs, and Rotax powered..........sales are booming.



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When the pilot first posted a video of low level flying, I commented to my wife that it was risky and that pilots that engage in those risks are the ones that end up in the statistics. I now feel that I should have directed those comments at the pilot. May not have made a difference, but by not condemning it at the time, are we somehow giving implied acceptance of these activities?



After viewing his post on the day he posted it I actually replied to his post with quite a few things regarding that he shouldn't be posting this stuff on an open forum when it is blatantly breaking the rules as CASA could pull his ticket if someone saw it so to speak, I also went on that it was not a good practice low flying ect but just prior to pushing the send button I re read what I wrote and thought it wasn't worth the grief I most probably was going to get back.


Do I feel guilty for not sending it now?, not really as we our humans make our own choices in life and he made his, would it have prevented this accident if I did? well who knows maybe , maybe not but that we will never know.





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I watched that low flying video (only after the crash) and what struck me was not just the low flying, but the way the pilot was chucking the thing around apparently unnecessarily. It just looked like aerial hooning to me. I know we're not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but it didn't look like "safe" flying to me.



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I confess my first thought when I saw the video was these things are the jet skis of the skies...someone's going to get hurt!





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investigation by asra.............low level, illegal operation. ( end of speculations )

Hi Russ


I know you are a well respected member of ASRA and as such probably privy to this sort of information perhaps you can direct me to where this information is posted. As a newbie ASRA member I can only see 5 posts on the ASRA site regarding this incident and certaily nothing there that is indicative of the circumstances of the incident.





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There is something really saddening about getting a honky little aircraft and not being around a short time later. I don't know what the rules are about heights required on Gyros and the posted material did cause some concern to me about people emulating this kind of thing. To just dismiss it as "broke rules, this is what happens" seems a bit empty. There can still be a few assumptions made that I'm not comfortable with . Anyhow fly carefully folks.... An error of judgement is pretty final at times and as I said in an earlier post I have only seen SWER wires quite late practicing forced landings in training. It's the one you miss seeing that gets you. Nev



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