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Marty d's CH-701 build log

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Thanks Bob, I talked to Blueadventures and Nomadpete, and they both agree with the gel coat too.

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Marty Glassing is easy..just messy. Must get all the air out of the weave thats all so use the ribbed rollers. You probably need to cut some 10mm ply and cut out to match the curves on the outside the

Step one is to cut your mat to fit the inside of the mould - lay the pieces out so you know whit bits fit which curves. Don't try to do the whole cowl with one big piece of mat. After applying ha

It's been a while...   Fortunately @wideblueyonder just lent me some cowl moulds, so this is inspiring me to get back into it.   I bolted the engine back on temporarily to test fit

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Been a while!!  I finally bit the bullet and did a test piece from gel coat + 2x layers of carbon fibre + peel ply, using polyester resin.


I bought an oven tin so I didn't destroy any of my wife's existing ones, did the gel coat first with a paintbrush (might use roller for bigger pieces) then let it cure for a week or 2 before doing the rest.  

I used 6 x coats of wax, buffed back each time, then a spray release just before the gel coat.  It worked a treat - popped out of the mould perfectly.


While I'm very happy with the mould release and the gel coat, I put in way too much resin and the part is heavier than it should be.  In one photo of the interior you can see one perfect bit where the carbon fibre is showing a shiny coat of resin, the rest is all too thick.  I will be far more sparing in application on the real thing.






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First attempt at the top cowl.


I did 6 applications of wax, then a gel coat.  Unfortunately I left it too long before doing the next step and it fully cured.  I did soften it with acetone before applying 3 layers of carbon fibre and poly, but I had a bloody hard time releasing it from the mould and the gel has come away in places.


Regardless, I think I can use the piece still.  I'm going to but in another couple of carbon strips inside to stiffen it a little, and some kevlar and fibreglass strip along the edge where it'll join to the lower cowl.  I'll do some bog and sanding and see how it comes up.



Gel coat:302g

Carbon: 572g

Poly resin: 338g


Total weight (before trimming, bogging and stiffening):  1212g





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