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Sept Sport Pilot Mag


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(Please note that I just removed a few posts which started further posts that ended up being from a mistake made by the first poster saying he already purchased the mag but turned out it was a different mag...Ian)



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Purchased mine yesturday. The local newsagents shelf was looking aviation bare for a while. Quiet an enjoyable read over a sangga and coffee. Apparently they only order 3 of the mag and they do disappear off the shelves within weeks. Great job to those behind this publication.



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Just got my brand new Dyson-Holland RAA to GA PPL Conversion manuals (2 vols) but no SportsPilot magazine. Guess I will just have to suck up and study hard til monday (or tuesday ... etc) The things one does just so I can land at Alice Springs (and other CTAs)


Enjoy your weekends





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People whinging about delivery trime, note this. The catagory that this mag is posted under means that it is moved by Australia post when there is room on the truck. If the truck has a full load of 'real' mail then your mag will sit until there is room on the vehicle.


Delivery time or percieved delay is not the fault of the printer or publisher.



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