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Flying Clubs - are you a member?


Are you a member of a flying club?  

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  1. 1. Are you a member of a flying club?

    • No because I choose not to
    • No because there isn't one close
    • No because of some other reason
    • Yes, I am a member of a flying club
    • Yes, I am a member of 2 flying clubs
    • Yes, I am a member of more than 2

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Flying Clubs play an important role in creating communities in our flying activities with events, general chat, learning etc. However, flying clubs can be hard to find close to our locations that make it easy for us to just pop in and chew the fat with other members of our flying fraternity.


So, are you a member of a flying club? or perhaps 2 even...



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No Club at Goulburn as such but a group of passionate aviators have been hanging out around the Goulburn Aviation kettle/BBQ for longer than i've been learning to fly so that got one vote for me even if there are no membership fees. Teraya (owner of the school) has been supplying the tea, coffee, soft drink and BBQ supplies for almost 20 years with near-perfect reliability!


That and the Canberra Aero Club membership keeps me in touch with ATC nights, CASA seminars and access to their fleet as well as the odd fly-away and social night down that way also.



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I'm a member of a few... trying to be at each one for events/working bee's is the tricky part - and keeping up the annual cost, but it's a bit of a necessary evil if you want access to different aircraft at just about anytime.



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Quirindi Aero Club Inc. is up and running. We have a very quiet airport with mobs of runway, tar and gravel, flat land all around, good weather, turbulence is rare, only 2-3 hours drive from Newcastle. Paradise for rec. flyers! New members welcome.



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Bendigo flying club is the happiest club of aviators I have ever been involved with. All they need is more like minded people to join and use any of their Raa or Ga planes as this is what they need to survive into the future



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Was a member of Maryborough ( Qld ) Aero club while living in nearby Hervey Bay, it was one of the best clubs of any kind I have been involved with. Also belonged to the Hervey Bay aero club at the same time.


Joined Bundy aero club when we moved there.


Since moving to Gladstone we have played a part in re-forming the Gladstone Aero Club. At this stage we do not have a club building or anything but we are actively working with council & the airport corporation to get some land at the airport for a club house. We are also taking postive steps to acheive the release of more land for hangars. Another goal is to attract a training organisation to Gladstone to help grow aviation in the area.


We are also members of "The Old Station Flying Club" at Raglan, hosts of one of the best fly-in's there is!



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