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Best weather forecasting websites

Guest Brett Campany

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Guest Brett Campany

G'day all!!


Just want to know what weather forecasting websites you use other than the BOM?


I've got 3 that I've found particularly useful


Elders Weather - Australia & World Weather Forecast, Live Bom Radar


Weather Forecast for Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Sailing, Boating, Surfing, Stand Up Paddle, Fishing, and more!


Windfinder - wind, wave & weather reports, forecasts & statistics / webcams, satellite images, isobar maps, tides


I'd love to know of any other ones you guys use especially for long casts. I've found these 3 sites to be pretty good so far.



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Same here (but for farming not flying).


Been using Weatherzone for many years and I pay the extra $5/month for the extra info.


Elders gets its data from Weatherzone , but Elders gives you a bit more info for free.


I have been supplementing Weatherzone with the Norwegian yr.no site for a couple years now. I have found yr.no surprisingly accurate, has good graphics, and my feeling is that generally its forecasts have been as accurate or better than WZ.





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Guest weekendwarrior

If you are soaring, the BLIPMAPS are invaluable, and invariably quite accurate. Even if you are not flying gliders, there is still valuable informations for all pilots. There are some nifty features such as the animated blipmaps with predictions hour per hour. Not easy to decode at first but it's worth the effort learning. Here is the link for the NSW server :




Other than this, I also use aforementioned Weatherzone and BOM web sites.



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  • 3 months later...

Another Weather Site


Hi all


Here is another weather site - well model output or maybe in this case model input.






Seems a bit different to the the others and a bit more raw / predictive data type


after a quick look anyway.


There is a help page worth looking at that explains what each of the maps is showing.


may help us understand the weather more and keep out of IMC 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif



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Have others noticed that the Elders site seems to be more optimistic than others about predicting rainfall - more green area?? Would that have anything to do with trying to sell more fertilizer?? 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif



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No, its a good one convenient too.


However, when trying to comment on this I spent five minutes trying to find the thread again, which happens every day, multiple times.


Is it possible to go back to the system for New Posts, where, once you click on the new post it just drops down into post order, so to find it again you just scroll down a short distance, rather than have it completely disappear from the New Posts window.


Unless you remember which directory the new post was in you sometimes have to resort to searching the members statistics etc. and a number of times I've just given up, until the thread surfaces again, sometimes weeks later.


So I would imagine if someone did what I did - look at your comment then go check the links to have a good look and make an informed comment, they might get side tracked enough that they just don't comment



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Is there anything wrong with the Recreational Flying Weather Forecast page?

Definitely NOT


But when I check the weather ( multiple times every day usually ) to see if and when I can go flying. 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif


After all I need to do a bit of planing to ensure WORK doesn't get in the road of good weather windows .


I always check a number of sites ( about 4 or 5 ) depending on the criticality of the decision at the time.


The one here is definitely on the list.


I find different sites use different models / interpreters to do their predictions so each site's accuracy seems to vary - depending on the weather


They also portray info in slightly different forms eg - graphs , maps, text, summaries, forcasts and current. Their update times also vary as well.


Hi Turbo -


I think you will find there are 2 different "new posts" and they both do different things


intentionally or unintentionally :confused:


One is on our favorite Blue Bar


The other one is on the home page in the spot shown below


Welcome to the world of Recreational Flying!


~ The world wide home for recreational pilots and enthusiasts ~








collapse_tcat.gif box_icon.png Hi... avatar7051_3.gif Welcome home Tracktop


You last visited: 06-02-10 at 1:16 pm


There are: 3 New posts


You have: 0 New .


With total out of 50 allowed.


It says 3 but when I click on it I get about 140 posts ?


whereas the blue bar "new posts" gives me about 50 at present


Don't know if that is what you need or if it helps at all



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Your post showed up in New posts


Both methods you describe above produced the one post (On my Avatar it said 3 new posts, but that's not a problem)


However, as soon as I went out of the window to check out your comments, the system apparently asumed I was finished with it and sent it somewhere eles.


When I looked for it in the "NEW POSTS" list, it wasn't among the other posts for today. the\is time I went to members list then looked at your statistics and clicked on that.


Previously you'd just scroll down through today's posts and quickly find the post.



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ah ha


the difference in numbers is the 2nd one includes the NEWS as well


Back to the drawing board :hittinghead:


I prefer it the way it is so I only see what I haven't read - and thought it had always been like that.???


BUT I agree that an all posts in descending order would be nice though.



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I've found www . myfrontveranda . athome fairly accurate....033_scratching_head.gif.b541836ec2811b6655a8e435f4c1b53a.gif


If I'm not smacked in the face by the heat and the sky is blue - go for a fly. :thumb_up:


If the tops of the trees are waving around madly or the sky is full of big grey and black things - Don't go for a fly. 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif


Weather according to www . myfrontveranda . athome;




and the official one;


METAR YSWG 060530Z 11004KT CAVOK 30/15 Q1015


RMK RF00.0/000.0 7SC090


Pretty close ay! :cool_shades:


(Does it make sense now? 066_naughty.gif.fdb194956812c007d0f5d54e3c692757.gif)




Tubz, It's the way the search works. Once you've read the 'new post', it isn't new anymore.





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Very deep philosophy there Ahlo, way over my head.


That part's fine.


What used to happen was that the post would then drop down into date order, so to find something which was recent you could just scroll down into the second section (or similar)


Now when you across down you can see only a few of the posts - the rest have all been relocated to sub sections. If you know what the sub section was, it will show up there, but if you don't you can be searching for some time, and some I've never found again.



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