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  1. Please don’t fly into controlled airspace without holding a current CASA license and medical in an RAAus aircraft! The fact the controller knows you is not enough, you need to meet the controlled airspace requirements, meaning current CASA license, medical, current RAAus qualifications and an aircraft with calibrated instruments including altimeter, transponder (if the airspace requires it) and an approved engine (no automotive conversions)
  2. There are inaccuracies in the post from Air Venture and RAAus did not organize the raffle. the info about the trust as a start
  3. Why does everyone assume what was said in the original post by AirVenture is true?
  4. Can I suggest forumites write with specific airfield issues directly to RAAus, who will be happy to take up the discussion with Councils if RAAus members are not being treated equitably with other aircraft owners?
  5. Graham spent more than one evening discussing instructing techniques with me and another instructor at our school, after spending all day with his own students. He helped immensely, freely, joyfully and with passion! I always enjoyed him calling out to Temora, dropping in for a coffee, he would always bring something to eat so we could spend more time talking about flying. I was privileged to gain a formation endorsement with him, and loved his stories about flying not just all over the country, but all over the world. I can't believe he is really gone, but he has left a great big hole i
  6. Have 1200 hours on 912ULS, and always did mag check at 3000, with slightly rougher running on left ignition. Now have a very harsh vibration through the airframe when doing the same check. Recently changed carby on right side (#1 and #3) due significant wear in slide and body. Replaced spark plugs, did all ignition tests, can swap the problem to the other ignition switch by swapping plugs on ignition systems after the modules. Engine runs perfectly at all power settings, but harsh vibration also present when changing throttle settings between 2600 and 2800rpm, either powering up or down.
  7. Gazelle aircraft Hi Adam, Welcome to rec flying. Gazelle's are a great aircraft to start flying and enjoy around the local area. I did my basic training in the Skyfox which is the tail dragger version, and you can't get a more affordable, enjoyable aircraft. Secondhand they go for about $35-$40K and cost less than a car to run. Good luck
  8. I think one overlooked factor is communication. If the instructor doesn't explain what standard of competency and performance they are expecting, the student doesn't know if he/she is there. Often the student thinks they are ready, but they can't maintain the centreline on a landing, they can't or won't hold a consistent speed for approach and wander all over the sky anywhere between 800agl and 1200agl on downwind. When the performance criteria are laid out clearly and exactly, and a safe attitude to controlling the aircraft is taken, progress is made and everyone is happy. I still th
  9. Hi, Got a Jabiru 2.2 with 900 hours on it now. Use araldite on the rotor button to stop them vibrating and elongating, best advice I can give, do all the regular scheduled maintenance, especially head tension and tappet adjustment. Remember its a different engine than the Rotax, will not forgive sloppy maintenance, do regular compression/leakdown tests and if you don't get the right reading, take heads off and re lap valves. Never had a problem so far!
  10. Hi all, These were my best 4 1) first solo (goes without saying) 2) flying along the west of the ranges on a pristine, clear, cold morning with not a ripple, music on the MP3, watching sunrise! 3) landing in my Jabiru at YAYE with an overseas jet behind ("I'll extend my downwind for you!") with a trike in front (must be the smoothest runway in Australia) 4) watching the night show at Avalon 2003, specifically the glider with the flares on the wingtips doing aerobatics!
  11. Just arrived on the forum, been flying for over 10 years, built a Jabiru tail dragger and fly Tecnam's. Forums look good, and there is always good coverage of aircraft related articles. Look forward to chatting:thumb_up:
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