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  1. Raa responded not to "members" but to other very angry organisations. I'd like to be at the next get together of these organisations. Some of you guys are very generous to these clowns, very commendable.
  2. That's ok but who's going to replace the funds back into raa's account. this was nothing but stupidity. Where do these people come from. They are the people who lecture us on the type of people they want on the so called board.
  3. g day cap, loved it
  4. Hi Nev, we all fly raa registered aircraft without a licence . The polite did have an raa certificate. My understanding is that as a raa certificate holder you breach any aviation rule or fly an aircraft that is not airworthy then you lose your privledge to fly under the exception that allows the raa certificate. So the fact that he drank even one mouthful and flys this renders his certificate invalid. I understand any fault in your aircraft can have the same result. maybe a fuel gauge doesn't read correctly or door latch is lose or maybe a bald tyre etc .This is how he was charged with flying
  5. Hi SD, I agree totally with what you have said with the exemption of cta. Don't for a minute think that things will be made simpler with these changes because they won't. Don't you think we'd be better to accept and keep what we have now because all we need do is get the training at our cost and away we go. can't get any simpler than that The costs are far more that what you have stated. I would like to know how much raa have spent on this item alone.
  6. Hi SD, you have what everybody else can have if they want. So why don't they go and get it rather than try to change things at great cost and to achieve the very same thing they can have now. Plus the additional rules and regs that will be added will affect all raa.
  7. I can only guess the anwser, maybe they don't know that if they get cta through they will be required to meet all ga standards plus some more to fly raa rego'd planes in to cta. I think it would be easier to get your ga ticket and buy an raa rego'd plane that mets requirements and away you go. This of course you can do now and away you go. How could it be better or cheaper to change. Please explain to me the possible gain by changing. I'm prepared to be convinced.
  8. We do have two distinct groups 1. Raa 2. Ga. Why for the love of god do we want ti fiddle with it.
  9. The costs are made up in staff hrs spent, fees, legal issues, drafting etc. The cost I would suggest is tens of thousands if not more.
  10. A new try but we see through your trick to control the out come
  11. Might I suggest it is legally suspect. They have to prove they do incur that cost and they don't. I think I might let mine lapse anyway. Anyone want to buy a plane.
  12. It's time for it to go. I'm sick of paying for something I don't get. This whole magazine thing was a balls up right from the start. Get rid of it and give me my money back.
  13. how many turns on an inch of lock wire. I must know
  14. It's interesting how a bit of competition from a possible competitor makes them think they need to do something the members want. Now might be the time to wind in the thumb screws for other things the members want.
  15. Hi Tim, I have a engine mount for an E81 to go into an zenith 701 might be the same or similar enough to alter.
  16. Best idea I have heard all year and the best site to use to promote and develope it as well.
  17. Thank you all for your comments and of course you are all correct, I will adjust my thinking accordingly.
  18. The board will support fixing their mess. Is that good management, I don't think so. Should not the board fix their own ball's up. I know, isn't Don sitting around doing nothing, give him the job. Now that it's done can someone please explain what was the great hurry all about.
  19. I'm amazed that they don't know the constitution that they fought so hard for and spent time and money going around collecting yes votes to get it passed. I find it hard to believe these guys. What makes a man misquote the constitution to try to make his point. The other option is that his just plain dumb, I don't think so.
  20. your've got to be kidding or your've not been listening.
  21. Hi Kasper, you certainly have my vote for item 1and 2. I need to think about 3. I think you also have Don's vote also because he has always promoted processes and procedures and the principles of good governance on this site many times so there's two already.
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