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    Looking for a oil tank to suit 912S *Update* Have found one, thanks to those that replied! cheers


  2. Hi Glen, In my J-120 the tank is also behind the seat and very difficult to see the last 20 litres of fuel quantity. Each 5 litres measures 17mm on the quantity scale, so 20 litre mark is 68mm from the bottom of the fibreglass tank in my plane.
  3. And faithfully repeat their mistakes......
  4. “Quadrantial”has been replaced with “hemispherical” some time ago (u showing your age?) just sayin.... But yep, fly at the safest level! Below 3000’ you must be ‘clear of cloud’, so gives you a bit more flexibility. 2nd the web cams?
  5. Best thing I ever did to my plane, is to remove the 3 dial steam driven altimeter (which about 80% of students mis-interpreted) and replaced it with a digital altimeter. What a beauty! Not a single person has mis-read it or got it wrong. There is no need to interpret the thing. If it says, lets say: 3750, then that is what it is. Can’t get it wrong. Quick glance, get the info you need in an instant and eyes back out side!
  6. Many (most) aircraft become overweight if you fill the seats and fuel tanks. Full tank and just pilot may be fine. Many earlier light sport aircraft are over the allowable legal weight with two up and anything over 5 litres of fuel. Many flying schools had to change their training planes after an audit revealed the weight issue.
  7. Some calls may only be recommended, but the phraseology is mandatory and must be in the standard published order. In other words, you may choose whether or not to make a call based on traffic or relevance, but if you make the call, it must contain pertinent information, in the approved order, using approved words. The reason being, rather than to be compliant and make the call to satisfy a legal requirement, the call needs to be meaningful to any recipient it may be directed to, and that pilot is expecting a stream of relevent information in a particular order, due mainly to limitations in s
  8. Nope, must end with “Parkes” eg: .......”circuit at 15 Parkes”
  9. Hey.... We’ll have to do that BBQ trout and vino thing in gods country again soon! Welcome to the forum?
  10. It is a great text and has everything you need to pass the exam. Very easy to follow and understand with the excellent illustrations. The easyest to follow compared to the many GA texts I’ve used over the years. A ‘must have’ reference for the future when you might have to look some things up. WBY
  11. I bought a folding bike with 5 gears. It was second hand but unused, for $90 off Gumtree. The carry bag it came in was a bit light, so I made up a more substantial rounded zipped bag for it and it fits nicely on the passenger seat of my J-120 Jabiru, with the seat belt around it. It has to be in the correct orientation as there is a few different ways it can fit, but only one way where it wont interfere with the throttle or joystick. Never needed the electric version as I always feel the benefit of the pedalling exercise! I can now fly to Triabunna (on the east coast of Tasmania) for fish
  12. Ummmm..... Very entertaining. (and clever film making) Anyone notice the huge difference in how much disturbance the water surface gets from the downwash between the shots where he was dangling and the drone was not visible, to the shots of the downwash when the drone was visible? WBY
  13. Hi Bruce, I swapped my Jabiru wooden prop for a new black composite prop from Jabiru some 5 years ago on my J-120. Mine was not set and pinned by the factory so I was able to pitch it to suit my needs a bit better. I set it to get 3300rpm straight and level at wide open throttle. (set for best climb). Could not be happier! Quieter, more efficient, shorter take-off roll, less fuel burn, similar cruise, better climb, stays in balance, no damage from taxying over animal droppings, polishes up easy with your favourite furniture polish to keep it looking as new! Everyone comments on how swee
  14. You can drop in to Tunbridge anytime Marty, I’d be happy to show you around - by air of course!!
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