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  1. I’m sure Amelia Earhart would have attested to the efficacy of a trailing wire for comms when she landed back home in the US if she and Noonan had a serviceable one in her Electra: https://tighar.org/wiki/Removal_of_trailing_antenna
  2. Hi there Kyle, now based SEQLD and just buying a SavVG (I’ve owned a VG and a 701 previously). I’ve noticed that you’ve completed a twin stick mod. That’s a feature I’d have liked in both my previous aircraft so wondered if you’ve got drawings/details that you’d care to share?  Cheers.

    1. Kyle Communications

      Kyle Communications

      The ones I have fitted are the factory ones but I dont use electric flaps. ICP say you cant have twin sticks without electric flaps but that is BS. I converted my VGXL and I am finishing rebuilding a wrecked S model now and am fitting a set to it as well. You are welcome to come and see how its done. I am about to paint everything in the next week or two on this one. There is a couple of things to know about but its pretty easy to do. The original factory twin sticks for the VG and classic were very ordinary but the later versions are quite good. All bearings fitted etc

      I fly out of Caboolture and am doing the rebuild at my house at Burpengary East  give me a ring  0408724272


  3. Anyone know of a decent Europa trigear for sale? Hoping I can find one in Aus rather than importing one.
  4. Yes maybe this.... everything looked ok until the inverted position for what was obviously going to be a rolling manoeuvre - can’t think of a logical reason why he’d try to pull back on the stick at that point. Loose straps could result in gripping stick backwards. Unfortunately yet another example of level aeros not being a bright idea. Far too many over the years. RIP to this poor fellow. I felt sick for his mate on the video camera...
  5. Just adding a bit here. First off check out the ww2 training films on how to fly the jug - Pretty cool: On a personal note I used to fly from a DDay era airfield called Headcorn in Kent, UK. While driving around I found a small dedication to a group of about a dozen WW2 pilots who died flying from there. They gave their lives flying Jugs with most of them cut down within a few months of DDay on very dangerous ground attack sorties - cutting Axis communication lines and close in ground support for the Allied coastal bridgeheads. I checked out each of the pilots names on the internet and
  6. Was flying in the UK recently and a big reminder on CO poisoning came with the death of Emilio Sala in a charter crash CO Poisoning is a very real danger - signs of nausea or headaches are prime symptoms and personality I’d be opening vents and getting on the ground - if I suspected it in any aircraft I’d flown in I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the pilot in command or owner completely aware of my concerns. Don’t think I’d be reporting anyone but I’d make sure my concerns were very clearly understood.
  7. You’re right with the C172 in the hangar comment. Reminded me of Max Stanley’s quote: The Piper Cub is the safest airplane in the world; it can just barely kill you :)
  8. I owned a Tipsy Nipper for a while, loved it [best aviation fun:$ ratio I’ve ever had] but nose gear collapse leading to nose over in a forced landing situation was a worry. I mitigated by really tightening Hooker 5 point straps on landing, always wearing a helmet and having a decent egress tool at hand with me. The Tipsy Nipper has a funny nickname of the ‘Nipsy Tipper’ because it has been known to nose over so that threat was in my mind with that type but the steps I took probably a good idea with any low wing/bubble canopy combination.
  9. Here's a couple of women who held their own with the best male pilots of their day; If you want a true hell raising maverick check out the Pancho Barnes' story [read The Happy Bottom Riding Club if you can] - Founder of the US movie pilots union, Barnstormer, an original member of the 99s who broke Amelia's world speed record, and respected as a pilot by people like Bob Hoover, Chuck Yeager and Jimmy Doolittle no less.... Hanna Reitsch - A total Nazi who was with Hitler in the bunker at the end of WW2 - the last pilot to fly out of Berlin. A test pilot who flew one of the first helicopte
  10. Thanks for quick reply :) I saw Heck Field and thought it looked ideal but apparently no hangar space at the moment? Looks ideal if it could work. cheers
  11. Any @400m strips within an hours drive of the Gold Coast that aren’t published on the sectionals that would have room for a STOL aircraft? Looking to move up that way in the near future and would appreciate some inside info.
  12. Wow there are a lot of nit pickers out there..... This looks like a pretty good job to me - well done to the pilot.
  13. Hi there Seb, sorry just read your reply. I've got a blue head 582 - How did your lap in your mate's S14 go?
  14. Thanks Frank. Rans make a pretty neat little aeroplane - my one has electric flaps and they generally fly like a much bigger aircraft. Plus the visibility is amazing for an enclosed cockpit (like a chopper).
  15. Not sure if that was quick thinking of the P1 to unlatch the door following the collision (in case the frame bent and jammed the door), or maybe the rapid swing round un popping the latch/flinging an open door outwards. If deliberate then that's pretty quick reactions from the pilot. Also right rudder into the turn - seems counter intuitive but maybe trying to avoid a stall, the jolt caused P1 to step on the right pedal or deliberately trying to shed the canopy from the wing. Anyhow great to see both walked away from this. In the end we're all up there for pretty much the same reasons an
  16. Hi there, I've been a pilot for thirty years and I'm interested in pretty much everything that flies. I'm currently operating an S-14 out of Somersby on the NSW Central Coast. It's good to be on board at Recreational Flying. Cheers
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