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  1. Bring on the weight increase.. What's wrong with wanting a slightly stronger airframe, being able to take off wit full fuel and still be within weight and balance limits . Realistically we're not all built like jockeys , I'm certainly not. This is recreational it's supposed to be fun. Medically just look at the uk, us etc no need to reinvent the wheel. I don't see a weight increase causing more accidents etc, I'm also sick of the ga vs ra holier than thou bull.. Would be good to merge in some way in the recreational space.
  2. That would be a highlander superstol... Drool.....
  3. As long as they don't rely on the NBN !! roflcopters:rotary:
  4. You're better off getting a second job part time after hrs to offset the cost and then enjoy your flying...
  5. I've had it with aviationadvertiser... nothing has improved, slow, freezes, the browser session chews about 6 times more RAM on my pc than any other session . Different devices, browsers make no difference. I don't see why it should chew up 600MB+ of RAM if I open up an instance on this site. All I want to do is drool over some aeroplanes!
  6. They're not LSA but the fastest RAAus registered aircraft, probably the RV's (not rv12) but the ones that can squeeze in under the limits. RV3, RV4?
  7. Well done, congratulations. Nice video too
  8. Beautiful strip in the mountains there, bit more exciting going in there.. time you got on the Porter ;)
  9. Good luck I hope you get your chance soon enough. Airlines...yawn..
  10. Hey Mike, enjoying the videos. That Porter would be a sweet gig. I'm assuming there will be a lot of competition amongst the pilots to get onto the Porter?
  11. Strangely, both flying schools at Bunbury have removed the Raaus training from their websites recently. Whilst I think you can still ask for it, it's not advertised. I'll need to call in to confirm. They seem to be pushing RPL.
  12. Savannah taildragger isn't going to win any beauty contests in my opinion ;)
  13. I have the GoPro 2 and yes you can plug the mic straight into the mic jack on the camera through the skeleton housing. That's how I do it. Newer GoPros I'm not sure.
  14. I prefer just having a lapel type microphone (got a cheap one off ebay for a few bucks) Fits easily inside my headset. Gives you a more realistic recording as you get the radio chatter along with some engine noise. I personally don't like aviation videos with music, or just the radio/intercom recording.
  15. "arc of the prop" danger zone probably includes a couple of meters in front in case you forget the brake, or brake failure etc. Use bloody huge wheel chocks :)
  16. Damn, my blood ran cold there. Very lucky. You'd also want to make sure the brakes are on if you're in front of that prop....
  17. I lived in Nelspruit for a few Years which is where I think the Bantam dealer is/was. Saw the yellow Bantam with the six cyl Jab a few times at the Lowveld aero club, although he did have his own private strip outside Nelspruit I think. Never got a chance to go for a flip but they've always appealed to me.
  18. Welcome Mike, the bathawk /bantams sure look like a lot of fun. Plenty of practical applications too in the conservation space. The Cam IT mods on the Bathawk Jab Engine is a plus.
  19. Welcome, got any pics of your aircraft?
  20. Superstol..... Better get that taildragger endo:gangnam:
  21. I guesst it would also depend if the schools insurance would cover the instructor and/or student in that aircraft.. but that is another can of worms
  22. Nice work, what size/type tyres are those?
  23. Regarding confidence, one thing that puts me off the turbulence is when it gets rough I can get airsick, especially if I haven't flown alot lately to build resistance/get used to it. :( Once nausea kicks in it's just not fun anymore. I'm sure it can get dangerous if the motion sickness get the better of you, it's a concern if Solo or passenger isn't a pilot. I guess gradually exposing yourself to it and flying often is the key.
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