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  1. A single seater is sounding more and more like a good idea....
  2. I love how you can mingle and walk up directly to the aircraft... Meanwhile in Australia, actual photo of CASA installing "safety" barriers at an airshow..
  3. I've been following the build on his channel, that Wilga is a beast. Good on him.
  4. Welcome, love the Bathawk. What Engine are they using now that the Jabiru CamIT version is no longer available?
  5. I thought the 914 was just a turbocharged 912 (80 hp) ? giving it about 115hp
  6. Makes me think they want to see what happens with the self declared (raaus) medical and 760kgs , then 1500 kgs. Any issues and their casa butts are covered, that’s what it’s all about in the end... no fingers pointing at moi..
  7. Gotta love the passenger brief, . ( Link ) Brief each passenger ( or legal Guardian ) as follows: "(a) the person does not hold a standard medical certificate required for private pilots; (b) the person holds a CASA-issued certification that the person meets a lower medical standard, and that permits use of the person’s private pilot licence subject to conditions; © the lower medical standard is based on the medical standards applicable to commercial drivers’ licences; (d) the person is carrying the person’s medical certificate, and a statement of t
  8. Meanwhile in UK, Canada, NZ? ....CASA is stuck in the dark ages. Can't even fly a 172 out in the sticks without a safety pilot (T1 Diabetes), but in UK I can be a commercial Airline pilot. I give up..
  9. Seems the BASIC class 2 needs you to pass the Austroads Commercial Drivers license unconditionally. Don't see much change here :( (Not sure why I'm surprised.) Classes of medical certificates "If applicants unconditionally meet the standard (except for glasses and hearing aids), they will be issued with a Basic Class 2 medical certificate by CASA." Else go get a Class 2 via DAME
  10. So my local flying school has Cessna 150's, VH registered. With RA cert I won't have access to those unless they put numbers on the side? Or I get a PPL/RPL. What incentive would a flying school have to convert or purchase RAA registered C150's?
  11. Ooh lightning with a turboprop?? Hot sauce right there..
  12. I like the look, especially the taildragger configuration. Where is the Fuel tank, in the wings?
  13. I enjoyed the series, I heard there was a crash of one of the Mustangs, sadly the passenger passed away I believe. I hope Maurice Hammond has recovered from his injuries
  14. Ha, then along came the NBN and made sure that'll never happen..
  15. Disappointing, CASA fail to deliver again (by mistake on purpose) Liability insurers must be squirming if the DAME's take up this option (read increase the premiums..) Just my opinion (2 cents) from the outside looking in..
  16. Wow, if the only exclusions are psychosis, irreversible dementia or epilepsy ( or previously denied class 2) it would be a hell of a lot easier than the rampc which has a lot of exclusions. As long as the DAME thinks you are fit to fly. Should allow a lot of people unnecessarily excluded from aviation the option to return. I'm naturally sceptical of CASA's usual Trojan horse type policy but this is hopeful.
  17. "Maximum weight 100kg, Maximum height 6 ft 2. "- Ah crap... I guess I'll remove it from my bucket list, unless I chop off my feet? :(
  18. Welcome, any more info on your anti-poaching operation? Always interested in these things
  19. Yep, I just clicked on the link in the gumtree advert, antivirus is at default settings. It detected a trojan in one of their web directories: They'll need to fix it up to no scare potential customers away Edit: Sorry no link in the advert, but it does list www dot chipperaircraft dot com which in Chrome you can select, right click and go to website.
  20. They may need to fix up their website first, antivirus flagged it - it may be a false positive but I won't risk it
  21. Agree, I flipped through the text book just before the exam (Aviation theory centre series if I recall) and had a go, it was all common sense stuff and passed easily. Probably the easiest of all the exams for me.
  22. Thinking about it, and looking at you avatar :) , a scaled down PC-6 would probably look a bit like a hornet, maybe stretch the nose a bit for the turbine. That would be mint..
  23. re-read the thread, drool worthy engine, .... Now somebody go and build a scaled down Pilatus Porter PC-6 for this please...
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