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  1. Funny you should mention the Mirage Nev, finding cracks and evaluating the repairs in the Mirage was my job for a number of years at GAF Avalon. It was the ones in the main spar that slowed them up and basically turned a fighter jet into a taxi for the boss to fly around as the worst of them were limited to 3G The best ten years of work I had I reckon working on the jets. But yes the same things happen to the smaller lighter machines with a lot of hard work in some cases. How long has it been a flying school plane and who serviced it are questions to ask I guess.
  2. Thanks Bob, yes still a young whipper snapper and loving it. ?
  3. Your story sounds very familiar, I started my current flying four years back at 62 after a few false starts many years back, family kids etc. I fortunately still have my lovely wife who enjoys a flight with me every now and then. So yes do go and do it it’ll give a new focus on life and lots of great people to meet, when this covid virus thingy finally clears up. All the best.
  4. On top of all this does anyone know the status of the pilot and his passenger?
  5. Yes I thought so. I hadn’t met the pilot or his passenger but had heard about the world trip. It was parked at Lethbridge for about a week or so. I hope they’re recovering, I wish them all the best.
  6. Is that the actual aircraft in the picture that was involved in the crash? If it is it bears a striking resemblance to one that was parked at Lethbridge a couple of weeks back.
  7. Some of the news report showed the impact site better and there was certainly an impact some twenty or thirty metres behind the final resting place. So yes it looks like it was flown into the ground at cruise speed or higher.
  8. Yes that would make it very difficult for sure, I was basing my times above from AVPlan terminal info showing EOD as 8:24 UTC, I hadn’t looked at sunset time. That would possibly have put the sun in your eyes before you suddenly dropped into darkness on descent. Either way not a good spot to be in.
  9. Yes that was another thought that crossed my mind as well. The lights I mean.
  10. Condolences to the families, a sad situation. Had a quick look at the info at hand and there could have been a number of things going against them. In circuit for approach to 29 at last light, sun in the eyes, over shoot on base turn to final and unable to see the air speed due to sun and approaching darkness. If the reports are close to correct for the accident location that would put them in the above situation. I flew in there last grand final day and am about to head out to William Creek this Wednesday to do a ferry job, normally stop at Leigh Creek to top up.
  11. Hi Dave, Again welcome, I fit into the same situation as you when it comes to age and money and having had an aviation background some years back I only took to the air not far off three years ago. So a very similar pattern minus the GA start. I have to ask though, you mentioned you liked to learn something different each year if possible and I noticed your handle for this site is Astroguy, now that wouldn’t relate to one of your other learning experiences would it? Astronomy was, is one of my other passions but was forced to park the telescope due to shift work and that’s how the flying
  12. I had to chuckle at this one Nev, I bet not too many ducks flying at that altitude are frozen, bloody cold maybe.
  13. Last wednesday I was scheduled to do a ferry flight from Lethbridge to Stawell down here in Vic but the wind on the day was trying to take the roof off the hangar. I had looked at all the weather on AV Plan and noted the comment, "severe MTW", in the long list of conditions. Well I wasn't going anywhere before that but that was a new one for the list down here. Mountain Wave over the Grampians would have been something else. I think I might have wound up off the east Coast somehwere. I most definately wouldn't have been making much headway in the Tecnam thats for sure.
  14. Ah, that'll be the anal probe Oh sorry that's the Aliens isn't it. Wrong group.
  15. :headset:This is how they do it. Long video, best bits when they get there in circuit.
  16. Yes a scary one alright, the sudden nose down after clearing the trees might have got him/her close to the deck alright but gained an awful lot of flying speed in the process. Certainly a different approach technique needed for that strip and yes the uphill tailwind would have been a good option or a slipping approach. But consider this looked like a fly in it could well have been a first time at this strip as well so an earlier go round decision might have been a better choice.
  17. Not trying to hijack the thread here just sharing a memory. I liked the static balance rig on the back patio across the chair backs. It reminded me of when I used to build up the engines and props for the fine old Nomads and static balance them but we didn't use the patio chairs :-) Dynamic balance was done during initial engine runs. Shit that's about 38 years ago now, must be getting old. The picture comes from FaceBook, Danny Tanner posts a lot of old pictures he and his brother had done over many years. I would have loved to have taken a lot of pictures back then but GAF
  18. Just happened to be looking at the Vic Emergency website this morning to see this report had come in five minutes earlier. Was about to go to Geelong and we could hear the sirens going. Apparently an R44 doing circuits. Looks to be beside the Rwy 28. No deaths 2 POB with apparently minor injuries, no details yet. Will be out there in the morning so I’ll check it out. Helicopter crash injures two as the aircraft suddenly plunges into a field and bursts into flames | Daily Mail Online
  19. This was a long time acquaintance of one of our local club members. Condolences to friends and family.
  20. Charlie Drake should have taken notice of these rules
  21. Yes it’s Plane finder 3d. It’s not a cheapy unfortunately but as I’m geek when it comes to this stuff I couldn’t help myself I have it on the iPhone and iPad, the pad works the best due to to the larger screen of course. $7.95 I think it was.
  22. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of us are plane spotters and a great app I have been using for quite some time has just gone 3D in apparently real time. Well as real time as the internet gets anyway. It also has an augmented reality function that is quite impressive and a bit of fun at the same time. I had a few planes flying around the kitchen for a bit. Whilst demonstrating this to a workmate a few hours back I witnessed what appeared to be a ver close call and if you can believe the data transmitted they were as close as 300 ft of each other. Have a look, the upper plane went around while
  23. What happened to the Blackshape Prime?????????
  24. A week ago I was extremely pleased to be able to take my cousin Margaret for a short flight. Both her and her husband Don now in their mid to late eighties had been the proud owners of. 210 Cessna and both instrument rated pilots. Margaret was most displeased when about fifteen years back Don had arrived home exclaiming, “I’ve sold the Cessna”. I think Margaret could have done Don a nasty if she was that way inclined. So it was with great pleasure we took the Pioneer Kite 300 for a spin and it was a perfect day on the Sunday morning. Lifting off of rwy 28 at Leathbridge it wasn’t long
  25. Have a look at this one, a Honda 130 fitted up, but what caught my eye was the wire locking on the front of the prop at 3:00 min in. If you can call it wire locked with a single strand, I count and a half anti locked, two neutral and two sort of positive. It would also seem nylock nuts are sufficient for the blade root clamping.
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