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  1. Websites can be paid for 12-24 (twelve or twenty four - as a pilot, I don’t want to be called out for abbreviation on here) or even more months in advance. Sometimes with a business is shutting down, I doubt many would care about that website part unless there are ongoing payments needed to keep it up.
  2. I was arranging my FAA conversion so I could fly in Hawaii in May and again in July for Oshkosh, however my holiday to Hawaii has been cancelled and FAA are not doing in person visits, so no verification Possibility. So I guess next year will be my time... so now I’ve focused on getting my NVFR and with some luck will have a flight test this week.
  3. I like they did did not mention anything about the nose wheel collapse. Just standard bogged recovery.
  4. This is not correct for Private Ops. The use of EFB does not require a second iPad / Device or Paper so long as you satisfy the use of it: I do always carry a second device (just in case) all loaded up as well as extra external battery however this does satisfy the requirements.
  5. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/two-men-dead-in-qld-plane-crash/news-story/5fbef92e523b8588d75cb93ea8f18196
  6. I’m flying in with my wife, leaving YBAF Friday around 8, stopping YTNG for a comfort stop then onto YSHR. We are staying at Big 4 eco resort... fancy name for a caravan park. Have a cabin for the 3 nights.
  7. That is RAAF Base Amberley, was happy to be able to do a 2500’ fly over it with it being Class G still with the Tower Closed.
  8. Was an awesome day, glad to have made it out there.
  9. Like the “go jacks” or “quick jacks” that the tow trucks use. [/url]http://www.racerindustries.com.au/afawcs0161689/CATID=345/Go-Jacks.html
  10. What a great day flying yesterday, flew back home to YBAF after spending 4 days in Mudgee, staying at the Hangar House. The Hangar House is amazing, great location right on the airport at the RWY 22 so you can see planes landing (if they don’t stuff up too much and land long). Then you get to see them of they use RWY 04 in their climb. The rooms are all aviation themed and I picked the Connie room, it is their largest and has a double person spa in it. The Hangar itself was available so I could park our Arrow II in it. It did feel a little funny as we didn’t see the owners until th
  11. Flew to YMDG for a few nights stay at the Hangar House. Amazing place. Great flight down from YBAF on Tuesday. Preparing to fly back today, going to miss this place. So nice and relaxing.
  12. I went to Valley Kitchen a few weeks ago, unfortuanly when I landed the windsock was missing. The Valley Kitchen does great coffee and breakfast as well. It’s a nice little airstrip, watch the bump just at the beginning of 30. Yes unfortunately the building has been trashed, looks like it would have been great in the day. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=198721463879559/posts/632107330540968
  13. Seriously looking at it, the only issue I just recently found is that I want to do Angle Flights, and they won’t use experimental... so need to look more at my options.
  14. Yesterday I took my first flight in a Cirrus SR20. What an amazing plane, so comfortable and fast. A big change from our little PA28. Apart from the cost, this is something I would love to fly often.
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